State is sending a message with lakeshore lawsuit

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 4, 2010 - 11:03 PM

In the rare challenge, DNR sues a township for giving permission to build house 14 feet from a lake.

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BucklawAug. 4, 1011:12 PM

Anyone who has grown up in Minnesota and spent a lifetime enjoying the lakes knows they have changed dramatically over the years with the greatest changes occuring more and more rapidly in that last 20 or so. It isn't just the shoreline that is damaged by overdevelopment, but the quality of the water is in decline in many lakes. It doesn't take a lot to have a negative impact.

What are the laws for anyway? If we start granting variances, will they be granted uniformily and equally for all property owners? If they are, why have the law? If they are not, where is the equal protection and fairness of law that we demand?

Enforce the laws and protect the lakes. Period.

minn12Aug. 5, 1012:52 AM

Making people build 100 feet from the lake is ridiculous. This is just like the 'global warming' fanatics. You get a few 'scientists' to say that building too close to lakes COULD cause environmental harm to the lake, but they have no proof. And the other enviro-fanatics start suing and interfering in local zoning matters. There is just no concreate scientific basis or proven harm to lakes regardless of where houses are built. This is just another example of the liberal nanny state that can't stand that some people are wealthy and can afford large lake homes. So in the name of 'environmentalism' do everything possible to punish them. Government needs to stay out of our lives and such local matters as lakeshore variances. Enough already.

birdman5Aug. 5, 10 1:13 AM

The federal government would have come in and filed suit saying that states can't pass laws that would protect it's state,

ThegonagleAug. 5, 10 1:34 AM

as any lake you've ever seen. . . Until the housing developments went in in the late 80's. That lake has no natural outlet, and the runoff from the developments filled the lake with lawn fertilizer that couldn't flow out. The algae flourished. Now it's no cleaner than notorious Nokomis. I'll no longer swim in either lake.

patrickjdAug. 5, 10 3:16 AM

...(buildings that) exceed state standards for size and distance from the water's edge..." "...DNR will use state resources to prosecute." "State law allows replacement buildings only the size of the older structures at their original sites." Communism: Everything is against the law except that which the STATE deems worthy.

wwallace67Aug. 5, 10 3:19 AM

but the star tribune refused to identify the scientists (if they exist).

And what is the damage? Storm water run off? Yeah, like storm water never makes it to the lake if the home isn't there. Good grief.

Anti-property rights, that's what communists are.

gcarl19Aug. 5, 10 4:25 AM

The DNR is suing so that the Laws on the books are enforced. The laws were enacted to protect the lakes. If you don't like it, contact your representative, makes some calls, write some letters. Claiming communism is absolutely ridiculous.

murphydogAug. 5, 10 6:09 AM

This is why we should be careful who we elect to our township boards. I wonder how many of these variences were granted to friends, or friends of friends? Money sure speaks and many township boards listen. Is it true that townships get their legal bills paid by the association of townships?

lovie987Aug. 5, 10 6:25 AM

Minnesota is so good at coming up with taxes, them tax the lake home owner 5 times the taxes - i am sure the state and DNR can come up with some reason to make it look legal - only then will lake shore onwers come to their senses.

mtkalib50Aug. 5, 10 6:28 AM

30 years ago a tornado passed near my father's lake home. Right after the storm, the DNR sent my father letter demanding HE remove all fallen trees from the lake or they will and they will charge him. This past summer another storm passed and cause similar tree damage. NOW the DNR sent him a letter telling him the trees and storms are natural and it is illegal to REMOVE the fallen trees from the lake. How can an organization that CLEARLY is guessing be so darn forceful with their actions?


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