Jim Souhan: Favregeddon is what we get

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 3, 2010 - 11:44 PM
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Thrash28Aug. 3, 10 8:34 PM

That's harsh, but time will tell.

purplefavreAug. 3, 10 8:48 PM

Give me 50% chance of a Favre-led Vikings squad over a 100% chance of an Aaron Rodgers team any day of the week. Souhan, you're projecting things as if you know them, but you don't. He's an interesting and emotional player, and this is why football was fun again in MN in 2009. So chill out, and enjoy the ride. If you want predictable and boring, stick to writing about baseball.

billyscAug. 3, 10 9:00 PM

What an unbelievable article! I find this article absolutely discusting! If I'm having a conversation with someone and the other person tells the media about our conversation, why would anyone blame me? Favre has said nothing to the media about his decision yet the LOCAL media finds it okay to blame Favre for their poor reporting.

ultrahmrAug. 3, 10 9:02 PM

Favre is going to retire because he cannot stand playing another year under Colonel Klink and his controling and moronic ways!!!

danroseAug. 3, 10 9:18 PM

Packers dead, Bears dead, Lions dead. we still have a great defense and our Quarterback is going to have to step up and not let the rest of the team down!

sovikeAug. 3, 10 9:19 PM

Favre hasn't retired;just ask Steve Mariucci and Ryan Longwell. It appears that the "scoop dude" Strib writers jumped the gun and the shark, visions of self glory and journalistic adoration dancing in their heads. Favre has not retired and is puzzled by the(false)stories promulgated by y'all. Question-ain't y'all a shame in this world? Hmmm?

badgermaniacAug. 3, 10 9:37 PM

Be careful purplefavre ... you may be wearing a purple #12 jersey in 15 years and worshiping another former Packer. By the way, you don't have to worry about having Aaron lead your team, thanks to your "brain trusts" who passed on him and went with Erasmus James instead! LMAO!

fkj747Aug. 3, 10 9:37 PM

With Brett you take the magic with the mistake, the love of the game with the love of the drama, the leadership with the selfishness. I hope he is back, but not surprized it is not easy. Go Vikes!

live101Aug. 3, 10 9:38 PM

This Souhan guy is WAYYY too negative! At least Reusse adds humor into his articles.

billyscAug. 3, 10 9:41 PM

sovike, well said! I also saw the interviews with Steve Mariucci and Ryan Longwell. I'll also add I saw Judd being interviewed about the story and he was trying to spin the story to cover his rear-end. Bottom line, the news of Favre retiring is NOT true. And it screems to a lack of integrity at the Star Tribune.


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