Minnesota Poll: Democrats hold lead over Emmer

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 1, 2010 - 4:46 PM

In the DFL primary, Dayton appears to be ahead of Kelliher, but with 10 days left, the race is still close.

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dkinnspAug. 1, 10 7:41 AM

What a choice we will have in November. Someone to the far right of Pawlenty or a liberal who never met a spending program he or she didn't like. Whatever happened to pragmatic middle of the road politics (Carlson comes to mind)? Well that could be Horner but he has no chance.

stevensp0Aug. 1, 10 7:44 AM

Once Tom Emmers builds his corporate sponsors into a money machine, the tide will swing. We ought to see trillions of hours of ads touting Mr. Emmers and his platform of individual responsibility and the great goodness and right mindedness of privatizing anything he and his buddies can lay their hands on if he's elected. Woe to Minnesota, woe to us all.

iluvsteaAug. 1, 10 7:49 AM

This state is full of a bunch of nut cases. I mean, why are we still blue? Immigrants are taking over our state that is why. They vote for Obama and his ilk. Then we have felons voting for all the rest. This state is going to be the Alabama of the North and we have no one to blame but the tax and spend Dems. The only reason this state ever succeeded is because we had independent minded individuals who stirred us clear of disaster that the democrats welcomed with arms wide open! Look at our state now. They just never learn. So vote smart. Vote for Emmer!

Willy53Aug. 1, 10 7:49 AM

Read this and weep republicans. Why in the world have you allowed the radical right wing to provide candidates that will essentially split the republican vote between republicans and independents. As they say the cake is already baked. What a wasted opportunity to retain power in the executive branch.

LarryVAug. 1, 10 7:50 AM

Mark Dayton's ads are all about the rich paying their "fair share" of taxes. You will notice that he doesn't mention the fact that the top 5% of earners already pay 50% of the taxes, and the top 10% pay about 90%. (Google it if you don't believe). The lowest 50% pay no federal taxes. All Mr. Dayton is doing is playing the envy card, because that's about the only real talent he has. He doesn't have the experience or the intelligence to govern a major state.

nomedsAug. 1, 10 7:51 AM

don't attack working people who make minnimum wage. Period!

ModerateAug. 1, 10 7:54 AM

Did the "poll" include anyone outside the Star Tribune newsroom?

the_vfoxAug. 1, 10 7:54 AM

red star keeps deleting comments, which lowers the credibility even further. I will say it again and see how fast it gets deleted. All polls the red star publishes, the DFL is always in the lead.

eaglesAug. 1, 10 7:56 AM

...by cutting spending which equates to government jobs and entitlement spending. Ms. Myers taxpayers are tapped out. We've had to deal with job losses, pay freezes and pay cuts. It's about time government managed their spending like every household must do. We're tied of higher property taxes while our house value plummets. Yes, Ms Myers it's time for government to step up and cut spending!!

jollyrogerAug. 1, 10 7:56 AM

Woe to small government and self-reliance! Can't have any of that kind of talk in the nanny state. Government exists to take care of you and your liberal comrades.


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