Classic-car dreams dismantled in Chisholm

  • Article by: LORA PABST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 3, 2010 - 10:11 AM

Investigators are piecing together what happened in a Chisholm classic car restoration business, which has shut down.

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johnsopinionAug. 1, 10 1:20 AM

If the owners of this shop were anything LESS than totally honest, 20 years in jail is what they should be facing, unless they can make things right, and soon.

comment229Aug. 1, 10 5:08 AM

I am guessing at this but think I am right. If the business was NOT incorporated, can't the people go after all the assets of the father and son? It is sad to see this kind of thing happen but that is why people build their own cars instead of getting out their check books.

subterraneanAug. 1, 10 6:46 AM

Stephen King's "Christine" was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. That car took care of the "baddies" itself. It would be fitting for this father and son to experience the wrath of "Christine".

onehdeagleAug. 1, 10 7:06 AM

Anyone that gives a $35K to a business in state that they don't live in, thereby not being able to stop in, and check on the progress of the work, isn't all that smart. Restorers don't need all the money up front. It is said, there is one born every minute.

skylab2Aug. 1, 10 7:09 AM

"It is sad to see this kind of thing happen but that is why people build their own cars instead of getting out their check books."

So you think this is the car owner's fault?

Classic car lovers should only be able to have these cars if they have the knowledge and tools, not to mention a secure garage to restore them themselves?


Maybe that's what you do comment229 and if so, maybe you would be better served by being quietly grateful for your talents and abilities, instead of slamming the people whose dreams were taken by these crooks.

And yes, I mean crooks.

scaryphailinAug. 1, 10 7:54 AM

"He had been referred by a friend and checked out the company's Better Business Bureau rating, which was an A until a few weeks ago." ... "Before they shut down the shop, which operated in a rented warehouse, they had already been sued more than a dozen times since 2007. A number of them resulted in judgments that remain unpaid." ... Perhaps we'll get a timely update explaining the role of the BBB

cadguymarkAug. 1, 10 8:09 AM

the car business is full of shady operators whose only talent seems to be taking other peoples money, buyer be aware, if you want to checkbook a classic, buy one that is already built, but even then, look it over good, they are not as they seem.

strat1954Aug. 1, 10 8:23 AM

Yep, having lived in that era I sure don't recall that many Chevys were SS's or so many Tempests were GTO's.

scaryphailinAug. 1, 10 8:26 AM

...that the BBB is on YOUR side...Not so! All of the funding for the BBB comes from (member) businesses! Do you think the BBB is going to get tough on the very businesses that FUND IT?!?! Not a chance! If you have a problem with a business, call the Minnesota Attorney General's office first!

sagi51Aug. 1, 10 8:55 AM

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is coming under scrutiny. There was a time when a person could use a BBB rating with confidence. Here's an interesting LA Times story on current BBB practices.


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