Debtors in court -- suing collectors

  • Article by: CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 17, 2011 - 4:39 PM

Using legal tactics pioneered by a Minneapolis attorney, debtors are striking back.

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klmoonAug. 4, 10 8:25 AM

People rack up debt and then are surprised when the companies want their money? I realize that some people are struggling to make ends meet but you have to live within your means. If you can't pay for it with cash, don't buy it! Granted, name calling and threats probably aren't the best way to get money back. Pay your bills and you won't have to hear it.

mypcaccountAug. 4, 10 8:27 AM

how can this be fair.....someone charges up tens of thousands of dollars in debt and refuses to pay it back. Now the collectors are the bad guys? We all pay higher interest rates because of these people. Please don't defend them.

margtcAug. 4, 10 8:32 AM

What does this mean? They owe everybody, and everybody can go hang. I've been a collections agent, and those who don't pay within 60 days are people who simply aren't trying very hard to cut back and pay their current debts. A few will be in dire circumstances, but it's not the majority by any stretch.

notmetooAug. 4, 10 8:39 AM

Gee, that sounds so simple. Why didn't I think of that?

nortshorenutAug. 4, 10 8:40 AM

Consider this. A two income household with manageable debt. Economic downturn leaving an 85% mortgaged residence over secured and unsaleable. Divorce resulting in inequitable distribution of debts. Job loss during worst economic times in recent history; resulting in underemployment with a 30% loss of income. Sometimes those that truly want to pay their bills find it quite impossible to do so and still put food on the table for their children.

jgus828Aug. 4, 10 8:40 AM

Why do we make the debtors the victims? Sure, there are some debt collectors that are shady, but there are always going to be a few bad apples in the bunch. The real story is people racking up thousands in debt, living beyond their means, and thinking that they don't need to pay it back. But no, the collectors (who by the way, are working and most likely paying their debt) are the villains. Star Tribune, try doing a story from the other side of the fence!

jeebers76Aug. 4, 10 8:42 AM

Judging by the fact that both sides effectively file cookie cutter lawsuits, I'd say that this area of the law needs an overhaul immediately. Debt collection is getting out of hand, for both sides, it seems. Also, the previous 2 posts fail to comprehend the fact that most of these collectors are charging incredible amounts of interest, and routinely threaten debtors. The story of the woman who bounced $15 worth of back checks and was being pursued for 370 dollars is VERY common. Moreover, these collection companies need to understand that most of these people are living hand to mouth because of their lack of money in the first place. It will be years before many of them are capable of making payments on ANYTHING but raw survival. Most work whenever they get the chance, but all of their money from these low paying jobs go toward rent, food etc. They don't go out on spending sprees for entertainment! We all pay higher interest rates not because people sometimes default on loans, we pay them because companies figure they can get away with charging an arm and a leg. Did you know that most of the huge interest moneys quoted by these debt collectors are entirely fictional, and even illegal? Try looking it up at your local legal aid agency.

runotkiddingAug. 4, 10 8:42 AM

I am tired of having to pay the bills of all the losers who borrow (steal) money and then refuse to pay it back.

wakeupmplsAug. 4, 10 8:44 AM

It's about debt collector tactics, NOT about paying debt. To all you debt collectors out there, I love frustrating debt collectors. Debt collectors think they're in charge...nope, I'm in charge. Any debt collectors who bought my debt just lost $$$. I love it!

tomarAug. 4, 10 8:44 AM

How can attorneys live with themselves protecting the criminal element in our society, at the expense of honest people. Taking something worth thousands of dollars and then not paying for it is theft... And it is theft as honest people need to make up the difference.


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