Shakopee station to become less eco-friendly

  • Article by: DAVID PETERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 31, 2010 - 10:54 AM

Officials admit that the 3-year-old station's porous pavers and rain gardens haven't worked out as planned.

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notmetooJul. 30, 1011:09 PM

You put pavers down where busses drive?? I could have told you that was a mistake. Some engineer.

acctsah1Jul. 30, 1011:17 PM

Is the $50,000 oops. As in oops, it's not our money so oh well no loss here, lets put in concrete like we should have three years ago. I do love the casual attitude of elected officials when it comes to spending other people's money. How much is the concrete going to cost in addition to the $50,000 already spent?

hayeckmanJul. 30, 1011:20 PM

& years of engineering. It doesn't have to make sense to those of use who belong to the engineering profession (which is less and less every decade) as long as its a "feel good" to the earth cult and her splendid dupes.

thatsmeJul. 31, 1012:05 AM

Big surprise. Throwing green down the sucking vortex of eco this that and the other only serves to assuage liberal guilt for being alive. Eco-causes are the biggest boondoggles around these days. Windmills, solar, electric cars. You name it. All inefficient wastes, not savers of energy, but they give the libs a warm fuzzy so they love em. Too funny.

bikemilesJul. 31, 10 2:33 AM

I was just reading the report on the Purina Mills project by the 38th Street Light Rail station. Thye are finally demolishing the old buildings. One item mentioned was soil remediation under removed railroad tracks due to oil and fuel leaked during train operations. Buses sometimes leak oil and other fluids.

dtjohnson1Jul. 31, 10 2:48 AM

So would Obama be considered a $12 trillion dollar oooops?

moodyhankJul. 31, 10 3:23 AM

government oops. But, we will get it right some day, just give us more money, or we will just take it. You don't matter, only our thoughts do. If we think really hard, we will fix it all and have more money.

moodyhankJul. 31, 10 3:28 AM

13 of 13 people liked this comment. Do you? Someone made a pyramid... It didn't sink... What weighs more? a bus or a pyramid? OMG, you win on millionaire!

moodyhankJul. 31, 10 3:41 AM

Global warming still exists, and I did not do anything wrong. Trust me. Charles Rangel is my witness. He is getting a pass as well. Remember, we are the ruling class, we do no wrong... Suckers!

dorkeemnJul. 31, 10 5:49 AM

Why did pavers work at the other transit station that has them installed? According to the article - there is one station (at least) that is using pavers...Is it because the soil underneath is different or what? Without a concrete (pun intended) example - I would have went with concrete from the beginning. As for the "instructions" on the care of the rain garden - everyone should know that if you don't put down good topsoil and weed block - the only thing that will grow in clay is weeds. And that you have to go in and pull the weeds constantly...


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