Twins trade needed, even if not wanted

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 6, 2010 - 5:43 AM

Justin Morneau suggests the current players just need to be more consistent, but the rotation and bullpen require help.

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BCanniffJul. 4, 1010:02 PM

Or write off the season. We can't wait for prospects, we need help NOW!

twin1toddJul. 4, 1010:06 PM

That is an umderstatment by a long shot.Cuddy has been miserable and when you come down to it so has Mauer and Span.I know we have had injuries that have broken this teams momentum,but others have stood up and picked up the slack.Delmon has been a monster and Kubel also.But when players get on,say 1st & 3rd, and it looks like we will do some damage, the double play takes us out of it.Especially from guys you dont expect this from.I dont want to get into the pitching staff,lets just say some guys are not getting better with the added experience.Hopefully we can turn it around with a little rest during the All-Star break.But,we do need another stater or 2.A #1 starter and maybe a Millwood or one of his ilk.Make Slowey the closer,which Rauch has been a might shakey at lately.The D'Backs need help and maybe Dan Haren,who has pitched in the AL would be a great addition.The refrain,cant lose the young talent to win this year doesnt cut it.We have a team and the money capable of winning big this year.Go for it Smith san...Just my thoughts.

loubrock20Jul. 4, 1010:12 PM

I would consider Oswalt over Lee.Oswalt brings a grisley presence not only to the mound but also the clubhouse,like Morris and Gladden once did.Lee is fine for three months but the Yanks beckon for his services,he follows the money.The Twins staff could feed off Oswalt's experience for years versus maybe three months or so with Lee.

reeddrbjJul. 4, 1010:13 PM

You got to explain that statement!

maximusJul. 4, 1010:19 PM

Stupid pictching moves when guys are cruising, stupid lineups with slumping players batting 5th for weeks on end (Cuddy... and he's not a 3rd baseman! Why move him to 3rd base and keep his crappy bat in the 5 hole so long?!), stupid baserunning with Ullger sending guys home when he shouldn't... all these things would have been worth at least 5 more wins. I'm blaming more and more on Gardy.

keverrJul. 4, 1010:27 PM

I feel like banging on Gardenhire would seem too un imaginative for these columnists. They are looking for what they want to believe are deeper insights. There are no deeper insights. The manager has cost us several games this year - most recently and most blatantly yesterday, and our journalistic corps doesnt seem to want to take Gardenhire to task for it.

sfgiantsJul. 4, 1010:28 PM

We play in a weak division. That's the only reason we keep making the playoffs. We'll be one and done again this year if we don't trade fora #1 starter! We could use 3B help too! Cuddy at 3B doesn't cut it. We also need bullpen help, preferably a closer. Rauch i not dominant enough and his stuff will not get us through the playoffs. Gardy needs to learn how to manage too!

henrikJul. 4, 1010:29 PM

is to let the starters throw more that 100 pitches. The bullpen is not good enough to be trusted for 3+ innings most every game. The production of the hitters when their are chances to put the game away is atrocious. How many times do the Twins leave multiple runners in scoring position with less than 2 outs. Bet they lead the league in that category. A trade for either a front end starter or a reliever that can pitch lights out for more than one inning would be nice, but may be hard to find.

milwjeffJul. 4, 1010:29 PM

...sums up this current team. Plenty of stars but lack of killer pitching mean a first round playoff exit, assuming they can actually win the division.

ccschonsJul. 4, 1010:34 PM

I think he cares more about his own stats than the team.


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