Sid Hartman: Thome humbled to pass Killebrew

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 3, 2010 - 11:58 PM

The Twins slugger said getting a chance to meet a player he has admired, then getting a tribute from him, was an honor.

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claudetrolloJul. 3, 1010:46 PM

Yes its moving to see Thome and Fran man perform like they did,and have the bullpen give it away.Man now thats humbling.

porcupine12Jul. 3, 1011:16 PM

...I hope he never used roids. I look at the top ten list and it makes you wonder. The "Harm" never used roids. This is what the fuss is all about.

subhumanJul. 4, 10 6:46 AM

Jim Thome hit hr's based on ability. The top ten have a few of those, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Jim Thome, and Ken Griffey Jr.( if he is in the top ten). The rest are roid users or corked bats or both(Sosa). However, baseball is in control of their league and if Selig wanted this to happen and the union Fehr, the asterisk should mention 'permission to use roids granted by Selig and Fehr'.

simplyhockeyJul. 4, 10 7:48 AM

I don't look for autographs and I don't wear a jersey or shirt with someone elses name on it but that could change. I like Jim Thome and I'm glad to see him in Minnesota. I thought the Twins should have grabbed him the last time he was available. The man sure seems to have a lot of class. Congratulations.

gopher1979Jul. 4, 10 8:02 AM

Could've fooled me! His radio show is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.

MikecGrimesJul. 4, 10 8:13 AM

Spell it out if you care so much, this is a story about Jim Thome. Show him some respect he's top 10 nothing else matters.

akarapetianJul. 4, 10 8:31 AM

Thome - for his instinct of humility Sid - for applying his single mindedness to build a life from a paperboy to a legend. You both deserve much respect.

micsup2Jul. 4, 10 8:48 AM

In my own humble opinion, you can take Bonds, Sosa, Rodriguez and Mcquire off this list. Their use of PED's sullies the memory of the rest of these guys. Have they ever taken the asterisk off Roger Maris' name? If they haven't then certainly there should be a HUGE asterisk next to these 4 clowns names.

BaseballBobJul. 4, 10 9:02 AM

You have obviously been raised with very little in the way of respect and values. Maybe it is unfair to blame your parents. Maybe you just need to grow up.

bherrsky77Jul. 4, 10 9:29 AM

Cut from the same cloth. Glad to say that I have had the opportunity to see them both play!!! Way to go guys! These two, among others, play(ed) the game the way it was supposed to be played. Go Twins!


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