Rationing Jim Thome's play guarantees long ball for the long haul

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 2, 2010 - 6:30 AM
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manoliveJun. 30, 10 9:59 PM

It'll be back to the bench for LNP.

blnesiusJun. 30, 1010:43 PM

Moans and groans until he hits them out. His mission is to be a bopper. He does it well.

ryannolanJun. 30, 1010:48 PM

Gardenhire on Thome: "You're pushing it when you play him three days in a row...You have to pick your moments."-------- Thome doesn't PLAY. He's a freakin' DH! And he breaks down doing it after three days? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. My head wants to explode.

NoraG1Jun. 30, 1011:13 PM

Um, anytime you take a player out for Punto you lose offense

NoraG1Jun. 30, 1011:14 PM

ryan, Thome has known back issues. Is this the first you have heard of that? lol

blasphemerJun. 30, 1011:18 PM

Stay away from the simile and metaphor business. I saw enough of this kind of writing in the high school paper. Stick to the facts and you won't look quite so stupid.

BCanniffJun. 30, 1011:48 PM

After watching Ken Burns baseball documentary tonight, I was struck at how hard players like Lou Gehrig played: Never missed a game in his entire career until he took himself out of a game due to FATAL DISEASE! Today's players are paid hundreds of times more money to sit around and pinch hit. Pathetic.

withinreasonJul. 1, 1012:16 AM

It takes a large amount of ignorance to presume to know the reasons for players playing time as regards an injury. It would behoove you BCanniff to imagine a team who does it the old fashioned way and forces pitchers to throw 130 a game, to gut out sore knees day after day, to drink away the pain in your elbow. A team like that today would not last through May. Athletes today are playing at a very high level with very little margin for error, if a knee is sore and saps 10% of your speed that's a very significant thing. If a pitcher has a sore elbow and throws a 85mph meatball right down the plate instead of a 92 down and in.. he's going to get shelled. It's not the old vs the new, it's what is everyone else in the league doing.

scruyuuJul. 1, 1012:44 AM

How is this helping the offense? They should be looking to deal this double-play banging fraud. He also makes over $9.4 million.

eyetalianJul. 1, 1012:46 AM

by all accounts is a gentleman and first class player. I would love to see an admendment to the official baseball rules allowing him to use a Segway or scooter after reaching first base. The possibilities are endless---he coul pinch run (or drive) for Kubel and Cuddy, imagine breaking up DPs by sending the scooter into the opposing infielder, and, finally, think about the home plate collisons where Thome steers the scooter into the catcher blocking home plate while Thome executes a perfect slide with his hand touching the plate.


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