Pelosi on Union Depot: 'This is the future'

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 27, 2010 - 12:19 AM

The House speaker toured the historic building in St. Paul that lawmakers envision as transportation hub.

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laughinguyJun. 26, 10 3:18 PM

Evidently Pelosi is unaware that the federal government is $10 Trillion in debt....on second thought she may know, but could give a rip.

goldman2067Jun. 26, 10 3:23 PM

But Pelosi said spending 800 BILLION in Stimulus would create 4 MILLION jobs? I guess she was wrong and our kids are going to have to try to pay that debt back.

minn12Jun. 26, 10 3:23 PM

since after November when you are voted OUT, you won't be flying around on your fancy plane anymore wasting the taxpayers' money.

rammerJun. 26, 10 3:24 PM

$100 million to renovate a train station? "We should not be a Third World country in passenger rail," said Oberstar, who helped secure the federal funding for the project. Good God Jim, get the hell out of Washington after spending a lifetime there and you'll see that the vast...vast majority of people simply aren't going to ride trains. I studied in Europe, I traveled Euorpe extensively and I can tell you there is a monumental difference between going from Vienna to Paris vs going from Minneapolis to Denver. Eurpoean cities were built hundreds of years before automobiles, nations are about six feet wide and the United States developed both a train and highway system so that we can move materials with one and people with the other. The bottom line is that progressive leftists have NOTHING to offer so they fall back on the easiest "solutions"; today it is "green economy". Does anyone think Pelosi has even the foggiest idea of what she is looking at?

SupervonJun. 26, 10 3:24 PM

Keith and Betty are with her trying to find more victims to give money to. They want to run up MORE national debt. Run them OUT of office!

ndfarmboyJun. 26, 10 3:30 PM

Nancy is very popular in two places. Whacky, out of touch, and may I say broke San Francisco and Minnesota. For the only state to vote for Jimmy Carter in 1980 she must feel very comfortable.

mnjoe5078Jun. 26, 10 3:30 PM

Thi will mean a lot of jobs in St. Paul and it'll be great to have Minneapolis and St. Paul linked by light rail as well. The high-speed rail to Chicago is also a great idea - I'll definitely use it a few times a year. Both rail lines will further cut our dependence on foreign oil. If this was being done by Repubs. you conservatives would all be talking about how wonderful it is - it's being done for the people by Dems. and you just rant against it like a broken record.

duluthvikingJun. 26, 10 3:39 PM

don't like Minnesota or Nancy Pelsosi why are you reading & posting on the Tribune? Stay in NoDak & post on the Fargo Forum. I suppose you think that Michele Bachmann is a better Rep. Than Nancy Pelosi. That's funny since Michele Bachmann's power ranking in Congress is #425 out of 435 & Nancy Pelosi is #1. Elections have consequences.

rammerJun. 26, 10 3:41 PM

I was a little harsh on our quad group of representatives. I seemed to suggest that they rely on silly, unproven methodolgies. I took a moment to review the backgrounds on all four of the representatives and I found that collectively none of the four have ever had to employ a soul and that save for a couple of years either teaching or practing law, the four of them have spent pretty much their entire adulthood in political office. Pelosi was a party hack going back to the Carter years, coming from a family of Baltimore political heavys. She's rich...filthy virtue of acquiring real estate, but I won't hold that against her. Politics is a way of life and she cares not one iota about reasonable discussion nor does she have much interest in the fact that this nation became the strongest in history by real sweat and risk taking by private citizens. Mr. Oberstar, prior to spending THIRTY FIVE years in the House spent 12 years as the Chief Assistant to the previous congressman from his district. You think he has any real perspective about what most of us are talking about? Mr. Oberstar, you had THIRTY FIVE years to get your vaunted "European" style rail system and for THIRTY FIVE years, you apparently failed; do you think maybe it's time to pass the baton on?

uptowndanJun. 26, 10 3:41 PM

How much are we spending in Iraq and Afghanistan per DAY? Yes, she's an entitled, rich person who has no grasp on the reality of day to day life of most Americans. They're pretty much ALL like that in DC. At least this could provide some real, tangible benefit for people, getting funds from the government to help get people to work is a real, tangible benefit. Let's stop third world craphole nation building and focus on the American people, not just the American corporations.


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