Delmon Young's raw talent matures into ability to hit to whole field

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 23, 2010 - 7:22 AM
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rammerJun. 23, 1012:44 AM

The bottom line is that many of us who have played ball before could see the true, raw talent as hitters that both Kubel and Young possess. As fans we've been rightfully fixated on the production of the "M&M" boys but not seeing those two guys in the lineup on a consistent basis had many, like me I assume, hoping that like so many other hopeful prospects that were here and gone that this organization would elevate these two to regulars. Young is developing into the best right handed hitting twin since Puckett and may prove to be one of the Twins better slugging percentage hitters since the 1970s. Watch out fellas, he's just starting to come into his own.

vor2vorJun. 23, 10 2:19 AM

that I can honestly say I've been in Young's corner, ever since he joined the Twins. Wait... what's that I hear? Ah yes, SILENCE from all who were calling for him to be traded/let go/released these last couple of years. It's true... he who laughs last, laughs longest. YOU GO DELMON!! GO TWINS!!!

thejemmerJun. 23, 10 3:27 AM

and batting? seventh?

onslowJun. 23, 10 5:02 AM

I agree with you, why is he hitting in the seventh spot? He should be in the fifth spot behind the M&M boys. Mike Cuddyer should be in the seventh or eighth spot..............for Rochester.

boyoboy29Jun. 23, 10 5:49 AM

i hope souhan picks another player to call out erroneously. every time he does that player goes on a tear. souhan talking sports is about like the average rube speaking russian

jplamp9Jun. 23, 10 6:09 AM

Young's motivation to lose 30 pounds and improvement may lead to a $10 million/year contract for a 25 year old player. He's had fewer strikeouts and ground balls, more walks and fly balls, and better range on defense. He's been criticized for his poor defense, inability to take a walk, and little power but he already has more doubles this year than last, and is almost past his HR total of last year. It's going to be expensive for the Twins to sign him but if the builds on this year's improvement he'll be a tremendous #5 hitter behind M & M.

twinman55Jun. 23, 10 6:23 AM

The trade that brought Young in exchange for a starter who's been a 10 game winner and a error prone shortstop who hits .280 is starting to look awfully lopsided.

mythologerJun. 23, 10 7:06 AM

Young should be hitting third, and Mauer should be moved down in the order. Gardy likes to be buddy-buddy with the players, and he can't make tough decisions when he's buddy-buddy. We need a manager. No way should Mauer be hitting third. If he starts hitting again, maybe, but for now, Young should bat third.

stanbobJun. 23, 10 7:20 AM

has mismanaged Young since he got here. First with inconsistent playing time that kept him from finding the groove and now "protecting" him with nikki and danny and the pitcher batting behind him.

tmac0812Jun. 23, 10 7:31 AM

Starting with losing 30 pounds and a more disciplined approach, DY is has been one of the Twin's top two hitters. If only Gardenhire would put his "pets" aside and bat him 3rd or 5th, we'd cash in a lot more runs. Young goes up to bat aggressively looking for a pitch to drive right from the first pitch. How many first pitch, right down the middle fastballs has Mauer taken this year? Often, that's the only decent pitch he gets to hit. Mauer's not a lead off hitter, nor do we need him to work the count. We need him to drive the ball, if he's going to bat third. Otherwise, he should bat second or seventh.He needs to start earning his big contract.


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