Part 2: Smuggler's luck ends at the Mexican border

  • Article by: JAMES WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 17, 2010 - 8:19 AM

A "moment of truth" in the bullring may have put Paul de la Rosa on the road to gunrunning.

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onehdeagleJun. 17, 10 7:41 AM

The reporter is basically glorifying a common criminal, and giving us all the reasons, the bullfighter, that couldn't fight bulls, went wrong.

greatcommentJun. 17, 10 8:00 AM

Que me gusta los canciones de los NarcoCorridos, como Los Alacranes de Tijuana and Los Tigres del Norte. Son mi gente!

parks12005Jun. 17, 10 8:27 AM

Brushing so close to celebrity and wealth would leave de la Rosa with a hunger for living well that would be hard to satisfy in more workaday jobs -- and willing to attempt a more risky venture. ................................................. SO this guy wanted to live the good life? fine but he opted to do this by illegal means, end of story. But this Liberal rag trys to paint him as this poor down and out minority. Let me ask you this Bleeding Hearts how many innocent people (Mexicans) may have died due to this criminal trying to make large sums of dirty cash???????

slowbotnikJun. 17, 10 8:45 AM

It's an interesting tale with exotic characters. Who wouldn't like to read a crime novel with bullfighters, gunrunners and foreign diplomats. But I'm sure it wouldn't be very hard to find many many stories of kids from MN who also had a close brush with professional athletics (i.e. drafted by NHL, MLB) only to see that dream slip away, and are now 30 lbs overweight with bad knees living in the suburbs with their growing families. Only instead of turning to crime they're earning an honest living.

jgoff21Jun. 17, 10 8:47 AM

So what the article fails to mention is was he an illeagal immigrant? If so this makes this story so much more tragic. These poor ileagal immigrants that come to this country and only want to work and provide for his family. Because of his turning to a life of crime maybe the federal goverment should look at ways to make it easier for these people to get jobs. Maybe some of the Dems on the left could pass some legislation that requires businesses to hire ileagal immigrants over American Citizens. I'm so sick of people in the media portraying these people as anything other than what they are... common criminals. From the moment they cross the border they are breaking the law.

slowbotnikJun. 17, 10 8:51 AM

The article states that he was born in Fairfax VA. He's not illegal. His parents weren't in the country illegally either.

edmucklinskiJun. 17, 10 9:17 AM

Doesn't our government take sides too? Arms one side to the detriment of the other? Didn't we arm the Muj in Afghanistan during the Soviet War? How may innocents to date have been killed by those weapons? Didn't we back Noriega and his thugs? How about arming the Contras in Nicaragua? How about arming the Shiites and then the Sunnis? How about arming Israel? I don't get it - how come the Feds can do it but this guy can't? Sounds like a few federal execs need to be sitting in the same prison cell as this guy. Or they should let him go free.

toomuchgovJun. 17, 10 9:33 AM

So he smuggled 12 firearms on this trip – apparently one of many trips. I wonder how many people in Mexico were murdered as a result of his arms smuggling endeavors. We will never know, but be may be an accomplice in the murder of innocent people. And this is certainly not meant to be critical of gun ownership - most people who are supportive of gun rights are HIGHLY critical of these illegal gun-runners.

gvlasakJun. 17, 10 9:59 AM

This is quite possibly the absolute worst example of journalism I've seen... or the best example of poor journalism. I'm sure anyone sees that the Star Tribune is only trying to stir a sentiment to make honest Minnesotans inconvenienced and embarrassed to legitimately buy guns. Moreover, this 'news'paper is doing it by stating several 'facts' -- which were proven wrong and retracted by the government months ago, including the alleged number of guns going south of the border, or the number traced to the United States. How long do you think you can get away with these falsehoods?? Save this garbage for The Onion, if even they would run something this ridiculous. WHO IS GIVING THE ORDERS TO PUBLISH THIS NONSENSE TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA, STAR TRIBUNE?? WHO IS PAYING YOU TO RUN THIS TRASH? WHO!? Not me. I'm not renewing my subscription. I call B.S.! I pity anyone working for this 'news' agency. My gosh, it must be pretty embarrassing. After this article, I think I'd rather tell people I work for the IRS... Maybe you should start your own paper to restore legitimate journalism to the Twin Cities. I'd hate for people across the country to think that Minnesotans are this stupid!

obvious2meJun. 17, 1010:25 AM

so I became a gun smuggler? No sympathy for this guy.


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