Raw milk: Health food or hazard?

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 2, 2010 - 11:12 PM

While regulators respond to an E. coli outbreak, raw milk fans in Minnesota say the benefits outweigh risk.

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hippydudeJun. 2, 1010:03 PM

If people want to buy raw milk, let them. Why does the government feel the need to babysit everybody?

DillioJun. 2, 1010:05 PM

if people want to drink untreated lake water, let them. If people want to drink raw milk, go right ahead. It's freedom of personal choice, leave them alone.

furry1Jun. 2, 1010:21 PM

If you go into consuming it with your eyes open and are buying from someone you know or who has a good reputation, you should be fine. Just use some judgement.

bumswrapJun. 2, 1010:26 PM

But when they get sick the courthouse doors should be slammed in their faces.

furguson11Jun. 2, 1010:34 PM

When we were little, my parents pasteurizd it. But mostly we'd go out to the bulk tank, skim off the cream and drink the whole milk. For the most part, it depends on how well you clean the tank and equipment. A sample of the milk was tested every time the hauler picked it up for buttermilk and bacteria (I think).

qvanminnJun. 2, 1011:08 PM

So long as we consume food, there will be food born illness. The most important point to note here is that the source was quickly determined. In the case where food products are purchased directly from the source, further regulations are certainly not necessary, and would only hinder the ability of consumers to buy products directly from producers. What next, ban rare beef, mayonaise, raw oysters? Consumers should be free to make their own food choices.

aanen1Jun. 2, 1011:51 PM

You can buy organic, non-hormone, pasteurized milk at the grocery store. Raw milk is just plain dangerous, especially for children. You have no idea what the conditions are like for the animals. Don't use the excuse that pasteurized supermarket milk isn't good for you, because that is just plain not true. There are plenty of alternatives to raw milk that are safe. It's true, qvanminn, that consumers should be free to make their own food choices, as long as they're properly informed and as long as they're not 2 years old!

motionbasedJun. 3, 1012:56 AM

Why can people not accept that life involves risk? Spinach, meat, vegetables and fruit can all contain E Coli and sicken people. Is that reason to ban these foods? Over and over again we see fruits and vegetables touted as healthy and yet these can also cause E Coli. Many foods can cause illness!!!! Pasteurized milk causes illness!! This whole thing is political and that's it. Again, living involves risk. The only time you are completely safe is when you are dead. I am an adult. I can choose myself what to eat and drink. I do not want government telling me what I can and cannot eat or drink. Government by the way allows anyone to drink alcohol themselves into cirrhosis but heaven forbid anyone drink RAW MILK!!!!

thecolonel63Jun. 3, 1012:57 AM

If raw milk improves the immune system, you can only hope maybe that you will be immune from e. coli. You could be wrong. I recommend about a two week supply of Charmin, cuz that's the first symptom that you are going to the emergency room.

missylardbuttJun. 3, 10 2:31 AM

When I visit friends in Wisconsin I drink raw milk. I wish I could buy it in Northern Minnesota. I am very healthy. How many people die every day or are sick because of smoking ? How many of their children are sick because of their smoking ? How many people died this year from drinking raw milk ? Raw milk has far more benifits than risks. If the health Dept. & Ag. Dept has soo much time on their hands why don't the out law cigaetts and leave the raw milk alone. How many of the people who are so freaked about raw milk have tried it ? When I go to Wisconin I bring home raw milk across State line to Minnesota. Does this make me a felone ?


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