Twin Cities talks: How many patients per nurse?

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 30, 2010 - 10:48 PM

That's a key issue in contract talks. Hospitals oppose nurses' call for staffing ratios that would be among the strictest in the U.S.

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Bubba2mMay. 30, 1011:00 PM

How long it takes a nurse to come to the room after the call light is turned on?????

annielorMay. 30, 1011:15 PM

Always a sensitive issue - but as a nurse - who has worked on a floor - pediatric neurosurg - where the caseload was ALWAYS 1 nurse to at least 8 patients and they ALWAYS received the best care - do I support this Union - NOT IN THE LEAST - I would like to see all of you be fired and replaced by the graduates and others who can't find jobs right now - what idiots you are to allow this union to dictate your jobs - your profession - I hope you are all fired! and replaced! It is about MONEY - not patient care!!

dick4004May. 30, 1011:16 PM

Intensive/Critical Care 1:2; Neo-natal Intensive Care 1:2; Operating Room 1:1; Post-anesthesia Recovery 1:2; Labor and Delivery 1:2; Ante partum 1:4; New Born Nursery1:8; Postpartum couplets 1:4; Postpartum women only 1:6; Pediatrics 1:3; Emergency Room 1:3; ICU patients in the ER 1:2; Trauma patients in the ER 1:1; Step Down & Telemetry 1:3; Medical/Surgical 1:5; Other Specialty Care 1:4; Psychiatric 1:4; Rehabilitation Unit & SNF 1:5 And adjusted to fewer patients if dictated by unit specific acuity

cncodyMay. 30, 1011:19 PM

I've been a nurse for 22 years, but it was my 28 year old son who has never worked in the health care field who was able to put in it the most simple terms: If you go to your favorite restaurant and your waiter has seven tables instead of five, will your service be as good? Probably not. The patients on regular hospital floors right now would have been in ICU years ago and people who would have been on the floor are at home. Patients have tubes and drips and are getting antibiotics and pain meds and most of them can't get up on their own. So many of them have resistant organisms which means the nurse has to gown and glove each time she enters the room. It's not unusual for several patients on a wing to have dementia or be combative. More and more patient are obese and have to be transferred with mechanical lifts. I think a lot of "civilians" out there do not understand the overwhelming nature of the job. I doubt any CEOs have been sprayed with poop or blood recently. When patients are not attended to promptly, they fall or get pressure ulcers or pneumonia. Those are costly mistakes. The nurses are trying to make life better for everyone; we do not represent a large factor in the increasing costs of health care--there are plenty of books available right now that will explain the problem for those of you who would like to know.

zoolan70May. 30, 1011:20 PM

If you are the nursing union. Lock down how many nurses are needed per patient, regardless of the actual care required. That's a great way to make the hospitals hire more nurses, and feed even more into the great union machine. 2 per patient in labor and delivery? For my three kids, we spent at least 24 total hours in L&D, and needed the nurse there about 10 minutes per hour, AT MOST. Hey nurses, the door is over there. Use it. Go on strike. See how long it takes for you to be replaced with RNs that want to the work and aren't afraid of the union bosses. You and your NWA mechanics and air traffic control buddies can go have a picnic or something with all your free time...

XineCherryMay. 30, 1011:21 PM

I worked as a nurse in California, and when we got our staffing ratios, they pulled all of our support staff. The nurses will not win regardless.

dick4004May. 30, 1011:22 PM

Professional Obligation and Right; an RN has the professional obligation and therefore the right to act as the patient’s advocate. Acceptance of Patient Care Assignments; the RN is always responsible for providing competent, safe, therapeutic, and effective nursing care to assigned patients. Free Speech — Whistleblowing — Patient Protection; all direct-care RNs responsible for patient care in a hospital facility shall enjoy the right of free speech.

righteeeoooMay. 30, 1011:22 PM

Nurses must be anti Obama, as every demand that they make will substantially increase the cost of our health care in this state..... after Obama's promises to reduce the cost of our health care. Maybe if we get rid of the union, we will actually have the ability to bring our health care costs under control !!!

ken1234567May. 30, 1011:26 PM

I will sew up my own gun shot wound from what is going to happen. Obama is a mess and we are in trouble. If you or anyone thinks they can strike,,,,,, good, you are gone. Nurses will be like air traffic controllers under Reagan. SEE YA.........

b127oaktreeMay. 30, 1011:32 PM

Doesn't MNA come before the patient?


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