Job market leaves new lawyers far from Easy St.

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 23, 2010 - 11:10 PM

A law degree used to be a ticket to the good life. But in this economy, debt-burdened law school grads scramble for a job - any job.

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mnfishrmanMay. 23, 1010:54 PM

I do feel a bit sorry for the individuals involved, BUT !! There are way to many lawyers and lawsuits and legal costs in everyday life today. Next we actually need torte and legal reform, and less police state enforcement. Glad to see demand trending downward. Hope word gets out to other students seeking to get into the field.

brewsterhohoMay. 23, 1010:54 PM

Cut the number of law schools by 75%

mnfishrmanMay. 23, 1010:59 PM

I do feel a bit for the individuals involved, BUT there are way too many lawyers and lawsuits in everyday life. I am glad to see demand trending downward. Now we need torte reform and less police state enforcement. Hope word gets to new students as well.

notmetooMay. 23, 1011:09 PM

We have enough ambulance chasers and attorneys-turned-politicians already.

pipress1487May. 23, 1011:45 PM

sour grapes crowd is out tonight. They all pee and moan about lawyers until they get their rear end in a sling.

nommmplummmMay. 23, 1011:50 PM

Try getting an entry level job with an advanced degree.

djcrazyMay. 23, 1011:52 PM

We don't need any more! Ever have a weekday off and happen to watch channel 9 during the day? It's pathetic how many ads there are.

ammunraMay. 24, 1012:04 AM

Honestly, we only have ourselves and judges to blame. If we'd stop suing everyone who mildly annoyed us, and if judges would stop rewarding people for litigating stupid mistakes, we wouldn't have these problems. I mean, of course your coffee's hot! Don't drive with it in your freaking lap and whine when you spill!

cotfi2May. 24, 1012:12 AM

The cooked numbers the law schools crank out are nothing short of fraud, and have been for years! they're just milking the federal student loan program for all they can get, leaving students holding the bag. Biggest contributor to federally held bad debt since Freddie Mac. The "real hustlers" are working for the schools' Placement Offices, I'd bet.

gtscoopMay. 24, 1012:22 AM

To the new law school grads: Why did you want to be an attorney? If your intentions were for fighting for social justice and helping humankind great. If your intentions were to make a bundle of greenbacks, then sorry newbies, seek another profession. Being an attorney for ordinary people takes chutzpah, compassion, and great legal talent; if you have the right stuff there are jobs available to make a difference for social justice. You won't get rich doing such plebeian work but your conscience will make you feel like you are accomplishing a wealth of good. Good lawyers, who care, are hard to find and the world needs such good legal practitioners. It's too bad that the legal system only works for those with lots of money. No wonder lawyers get such a bad rap.


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