A-Rod's numbers added up, but the math was ignored

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 14, 2010 - 11:48 PM

In the age of TMI (too much information), did the Twins pay TLA (too little attention) in pitting Matt Guerrier against Alex Rodriguez with the bases loaded?

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lebounMay. 14, 1010:56 PM

Cant stand that The Cheater beat the Twins again. Cant stand that Gardy put Guerrier in that sitch. Maybe Gardy can get himself thrown out of the game tomorrow before it starts so Rick Anderson can lead Minn to a damn victory in the stupid Bronx and break this annoying string of bad Ls.

crow27May. 14, 1010:59 PM

Gardy ABSOLUTELY blew this one. Sending Baker out in the 7th? 90+ pitches Loading the bases for A-roid? In that softball park? Sending Guerrier to face A-roid? 4 for 6 with 3 HOMERUNS!!!! IDIOT MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gardy costs the Twins 8-10 wins a year because of his poor managing. This is the 3rd already. ( counting the stupid move sending Kubel home at KC) I would like the Twins AS A TEAM to stop pissing down their legs just because the Yankees are in the other dugout Tired of PUNTO, CASSILLA, Guerrier

pstormoenMay. 14, 1011:27 PM

...let's see, alrighty now....let's walk the batter to get to Mantle, DiMaggio, Jackson, Gehrig, Ruth, or ? ... Gardy gives A-Roid batting practice....what did Gardy think was gonna happen, that A-Roid was gonna have an attack of conscience and strike out? Gardy, have a double-shot of your favorite and get a grip by tomorrow....beam me up Scotty....

scotwilsMay. 14, 1011:27 PM

Gardy's just not that bright?

jojo6675May. 14, 1011:51 PM

but 5-8 with 4 home runs is enough numbers to wake me up. when I saw the career stats of arod vs guerrier, I think everyone had the same reaction as me...grand slam, no doubt.

personMay. 14, 1011:52 PM

Tony LaRussa is one of the best managers in the history of MLB, yet half of Missouri wants him gone. I'm sure there are plenty of people in LA who think Mike Scioscia's "lost his touch" just because the Angels are struggling right now. It's plenty fair to criticize Gardy when he screws up like this, but to call for him to be fired is just plain stupid.

jimenez84May. 14, 1011:58 PM

If Gardy thinks the numbers don't matter, why does every team pay big money for scouts and statisticians. This loss made me sick, Guerrier should have started the inning, Duensing could have faced Gardner but our manager botched another one on the big stage. This guy is a good manager, but he will never take this team to the next level. Being the big dog in a weak division is nice but you have to beat the Yankees to be a championship caliber team. Not going to happen as long as Gardy is at the helm.

orvestaMay. 15, 1012:05 AM

I like Gardenhire. But this was a total, MAJOR screw up. Admit you blew it Gardy and move on.

lh_3310May. 15, 1012:24 AM

This outcome was about par for the course. Prior to the series the Twins were very ho-hum saying this was "just another series" and "just another city", trying not to make this series out to be more than it is. There in lies the problem: The Yankees aren't just another team or another city, they are a whole different animal. Yes Guerrier has been a solid setup man for a few seasons now. But the statistics he has against A-Rod scream for someone other than Matt to be in in that situation. Gardy fails in the Bronx, yet again.

manoliveMay. 15, 1012:27 AM

What the he// was Guerrier doing, floating one of his patented batting practice "fastballs" right down the heart of the plate? LMAO!


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