'Different,' and tall, Twins' Jon Rauch closing in on success

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 13, 2010 - 8:02 AM
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samo45May. 12, 10 9:01 PM

Somehow I was expecting to learn a little more than that he's taller than others and somewhat modest. Is his middle name Sven or does he build model railroads in his basement?

ginobambinoMay. 12, 10 9:47 PM

This is what inquiring minds want to know!

eaganoneMay. 12, 1010:26 PM

Had as much interest and insight as a C.J. column.

akarapetianMay. 12, 1010:27 PM

I have to say.... I am very surprised at how well Rausch is doing... I still don't quite get it. He has an average fastball and no other outstanding pitches, but somehow he gets it done. God bless. I am still concerned that he isn't the guy who is going to help us get past the yankees in the playoffs, but props to him for making it happen. Obviously Gardy and the staff know a lot more than me!

siochainMay. 12, 1010:42 PM

Jabba, you usually mix in some urine and vinegar in your columns. This might be your lamest effort in years. What a boring column. We were expecting you to say this guy was a "cutter", or a cross dresser, or something out of the ordinary. Maybe you could have given us the story behind the "neck art" he sports. We kind of guessed he was tall. And quit whining about these anonymous postings. When you've made a career out of taking people to the woodshed, you have no right do mope when your readers do the same to you.

twin1toddMay. 12, 1010:46 PM

trades in Twins history. Yes...history.Mulvey, who would never be on the ML roster for a quality releiver,JR,who has done it before and is saving the farm for us.I,for one,am not surprised.As the season developes,he will become a shut-down closer,maybe the Twins future closer,replacing JN.

woldieMay. 12, 1010:51 PM

being that tall hitters have a much different view because the ball comes out higher. hes a lot like chris young in sandiego. He doesnt throw that hard, but the angle that it comes from is a bit different which is harder for hitters to pick up on too.

rdnblueMay. 12, 1011:03 PM

There's a reason why a tall guy can get away with not having overpowering stuff and still beat you. When you're used to hitting off 6'4" pitchers with generally the same arm length, it's difficult to adjust to where the ball is coming out and the angle it's coming out of when that arm is several inches longer. That's pretty much why this whole article is about Rauch being tall. Then again, if you were a 6'4" inch pitcher with freakishly long arms, you'll probably see the same thing. But without good stuff, eventually hitters adapt and start hammering them. That's why Rauch hasn't stuck around very long elsewhere.

mandichMay. 12, 1011:16 PM

He throws strikes and lets the guys hit it to someone. Nathan used to drive me nuts, he would nibble and nibble and soon the bases would be occupied, then he would blow up.

joshbignoseMay. 12, 1011:20 PM

Eddie Guardado did not have great stuff either, but he had determination and was not afraid. Rauch is doing very well so far, but it is still early to call him a real closer. Time will tell...


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