Report: More work needed on Minnesota's green economy

  • Article by: WENDY LEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 11, 2010 - 9:14 PM
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frankmartinMay. 11, 10 9:18 PM


redstar1961May. 11, 10 9:19 PM

The green economy is a myth. It is code for subsidies for people like Mn 2020. GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB and stop trying to reck the economy any more.

MoojaMay. 11, 10 9:21 PM

to level the playing field so my expensive, inefficient product can compete with inexpensive, superior products. You want to retard growth, you want to torpedo the already sinking economy, you want to stifle research. That's easy. Make energy more expensive. Until these "green", "eco" alternate energy can compete on their own merits, unsubsidized they will continue to be an economic drain rather than an economic booster.

goldman2067May. 11, 10 9:23 PM

"green" jobs and "green tech" are economy ruining practices. Ask Europe.

jdog69May. 11, 10 9:33 PM

We need to solve the green jobs issue. We need to do everything we can TO HAVE AS LESS GREEN JOBS AS POSSIBLE! Save an American worker, get rid of green jobs. Spain will testify that.

fishheadMay. 11, 10 9:38 PM

The first thing we should do is improve the energy efficiency in our homes and buildings. Once that is done we won't need as much energy.

pagemarshMay. 11, 10 9:39 PM

Here's the truth, buddy, the are potential customers around the world waiting for this technology whether you subscribe to global warming or not. For once, it would be nice to see America and Minnesota lead the way again. Instead, let's let China lead the way. I mean, they can do it cheaper than us. We already have access to many types of amazing technologies such as one technology which uses ocean water to reduce CO2 to construction material as a byproduct. But, no, it is a myth and a waste. Give it to China and other parts of the world. America's can-do spirit has retired. As a member of the younger generation, I would like to thank some members of the older generations for not only letting companies offshore their businesses, but for also letting countless business ideas leave our borders. I can think of several areas where America had a strategic advantage and the exact moment when all of those opportunities left....sadly a large majority of them were before I was able to vote. Wouldn't it be nice to see jobs return to the US? To see a new industry? Nah.... just stick with the old way of doing things. That has worked out real well so far.

fishheadMay. 11, 10 9:44 PM

This state has everything it needs to become a major player in the aquaculture industry but the MN DNR has deliberately sabbotaged it AND the legislature has done nothing to stop the agency. Even the most basic need of having the agency that regulates the industry follow the law doesn't exist in this state. Instead the legislature sits back and allows the agency to operate like a criminal gang and pull illegal arbitrary "laws" out of a magic hat.

kristileemckenzieMay. 11, 10 9:47 PM

People have to be able to afford to install these "green" technologies. For most of us it is cost prohibitive to install solar panels or geothermal heat. Tax credits may help some people, but the truth is that you are not going to reach 25% of households until costs go down. Once it becomes a reasonably priced investment, I think a lot of people will be moving to these technologies. The place to start might not be with households, but getting businesses to buy into the idea, both in terms of making the products and buying the products to reduce company costs. It would be a real waste if we end up getting into green energy sources by importing all the tools and materials to make it happen.

kristileemckenzieMay. 11, 10 9:49 PM

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!


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