Dale Carpenter: Yes, protect marriage. Let gays wed

  • Article by: DALE CARPENTER
  • Updated: May 9, 2010 - 5:25 PM

The archbishop's fears about damage to families and children are misdirected.

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hahaha99May. 9, 10 5:45 PM

...BRAVO! Unfortunately, there are too many ignorant people in MN that will refuse to listen to and heed your well-reasoned comments. As for Nienstedt, the only issue he cares about is imposing Catholic doctrine upon a secular government.

flexsfMay. 9, 10 6:29 PM

You'll never get it through their absolutist skulls. Religious zealots cling tight to their homophobic attitudes. They raise hundreds of millions of dollars by opposing gay legal equality. It is the essential core to their religion. We must reckon with their reckless force with the law. It is more powerful than they are! You're better off talking to a stone!

haybrnr23May. 9, 10 6:30 PM

Was someone at the Star Trib sleeping when catholic bishops lost their moral credibility?

klbreljeMay. 9, 10 6:38 PM

You present a logical, reasonable, and affirming opinion. Again, thank you.

davehougMay. 9, 10 7:44 PM

Democracy may not make both sides happy, but it sure lets the losing side accept they lost the vote.

Let a judge 'find' a right in a constitution no framer thought was there, and the fight will continue and continue and continue. A MN-wide vote beats a judge in letting folks move on. - - davehoug@comcast.net

mn_cameraMay. 9, 10 7:57 PM

The problem with "let the people vote" is that too many people are far too easily misled by right-wing religious demagoguery into thinking that somehow this is a great wrong. It is not. There is no effect on anyone's life other than those involved. And I do not want uninformed and easily misled people making decisions for, for example, two real members of my family. The decisions are theirs and theirs alone to make.

ebfauvelMay. 9, 10 8:59 PM

Not only that, but the state where same-sex marriage has been legal the longest -- Massachusetts -- has the nation's lowest divorce rate.

ebfauvelMay. 9, 10 9:00 PM

Which of your rights may I vote on?

ebfauvelMay. 9, 10 9:04 PM

There is no right to heterosexual marriage in either the Minnesota or federal constitution. What is in both is a little concept called "equal protection." When the government grants some, but not all, couples the protections of marriage, it has violated this concept.

BigPeteMay. 9, 1010:01 PM

The govt should get out of the marriage business and only issue civil unions. If churches want to marry people then they can


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