Charities face 'doomsday': Loss of tax-exempt status

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 5, 2010 - 11:28 PM

Up to one in four Minnesota nonprofits could lose their tax breaks under tax laws kicking in May 15.

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halfabubbleMay. 6, 1012:31 AM this REALLY a source of big tax dodges/frauds? I mean, if so, doesn't the IRS already have regulations on the books to cover this? Seems to me that this is regulation run amok.

lahdedMay. 6, 1012:47 AM

Seriously, we are talking about non-profits that generate under $25k per year in fund-raising! Gotta generate their tax money I guess.

duckys66May. 6, 1012:52 AM a place that is so bad at the running the books that they miss this??? This will get rid of way more orginizations that aren't monitoring themselves correctly than good orginizations that run a charity properly and have the proper procedures in place to make sure that no one is skimming off the top. It shouldn't be a shock to anyone (in touch with reality) that a $300 billion a year industry in the US draws its fair share of people who are trying to take advantage of the system. This is just a minor change that hopefully protects a little better the hard earned money that the good people of this country give to causes close to their heart.

mommakaMay. 6, 1012:55 AM

IRS employees to enforce health care. They need something to do.

mercurymouthMay. 6, 10 1:26 AM

Some who claim to be non-profit organizations are the NHL (yes, I said it, hockey), the NRA, AARP,C-SPAN,and the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Oscar folks. Since the mid-1980s, when some tax changes took place, many qualify as tax exempt organizations under 25 different categories. If you want to take the time (and I don't), ask any of these groups for their Form 990.

bradtheissenlaMay. 6, 10 1:52 AM

A law has existed for *4* years, and none of these have legal or financial counsel who knew about this? The Minn Council of Non-Profits didn't know about this - to inform them? What!?! What planet do non-profits live on?

lobster68wMay. 6, 10 3:09 AM

If anyone should lose tax exempt status, it should be the churches.

SeppukuMay. 6, 10 3:22 AM

probably the same planet the individuals live on. laws, regulations, codes are changed every year and the only way we know about it is cuz it was in the news or the paper. If nobody reported it, we wouldn't know. So, is it a surprise something like this might happen, not really. Of course, if you live in a perfect world I guess you might be shocked eh?

MplsjuddMay. 6, 10 5:34 AM

Are broke and need to extract more cash for their out of control spending. We waste money on education,social programs,NASA,DHS,IRS,TSA,HUD and other worthless goverment agencies. Then there's the hundreds of military bases in 130 countries. We also have alot people not paying taxes when they should and people living on the public doe when they shouldn't. That also include wasting money on public transportation, building stadiums and corporate welfare. And there's illegal immigration to add to the debt. Capitalism isn't evil, our current system and mindset is.

b127oaktreeMay. 6, 10 5:36 AM

What if some of this non-profit money could be used to help Barbara Boxer!!!!!!! Our Democrats do a far greater good than any of these non-profits, but do they get their "fair share"?


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