Legislators to unveil Vikings stadium legislation Monday

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 3, 2010 - 3:16 PM

With adjournment looming and key elements still undecided, legislators will announce a push for a Vikings stadium.

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hfnorthMay. 2, 10 2:41 PM


chaachie12May. 2, 10 2:43 PM


rollings021May. 2, 10 2:50 PM

Our state is broke. Wilf is rich. Let Zygi pay 100%.

rollings021May. 2, 10 2:56 PM

This is a disgrace that they would try to sneak this in in 13 days. It needs to go through 10+ committees. Plus we should be able to hold some public hearings and townhall meetings to discuss this. This is a backdoor plan. Thankfully the vast majority of legislators realize this and the legislation will go no where.

hfnorthMay. 2, 10 2:57 PM

I believe there is a disconnect with reality for those who believe a professional sports team is essential to having a meaningful life, or a life with quality and recreational enjoyment pursuits for themselves or their families. It is not close to being that important. The Vikings not being in Minnesota for home games will take nothing from any of you. Find something else to do with your leisure time in the fall. Go duck, goose, or grouse hunting starting in September. Go Pheasant hunting starting from October to December. Go deer hunting in November. Join a bowling league. Volunteer to do something like building an outdoor hockey rink for kids in your community. Extortion by the owners of these franchises is something repugnant to most clear thinking people, once they stop and figure it out. Just about all football fans everywhere enjoyed watching the Superbowl on TV, even when 30 teams were not in it. Heck, I watched every super bowl ever played on TV, and the Vikings were in very few of them. You can enjoy pro football just as easily by seeing games on Sundays and Monday night, even if none of them wear purple uniforms. Get a life people. The Vikings having a new building here just is not that important even if private money was not raised to build one. And for public money to be extorted from residents is tantamount to allow yourselves to be raped and not complain about it.

jaysilMay. 2, 10 2:58 PM

Does anyone realize the economic BENEFITS that an NFL team produces? People from all over the states come here to spend money when the vikes play. I know it won't pass, our state is full of pessimists. Remember the North Stars, Lakers- and then we cry when they leave and spend a ton of money to get a pro team back. Our state is full of pessimistic and cheap people. You need to look BEYOND the initial price tag, it is an investment and gives our state pride. I know Wilf if rich, most states are PROUD to have an NFL team. I would have rather seen the Twins leave than the Vikes.

bubbahotep1May. 2, 10 3:00 PM

The bill is in the best interests of the people, and that it state that Zygi and the rest of the Wilf's will pay for it. The best solution for the state is to pay for it money they already have and then pay that off with seat licenses and increased ticket prices, increase prices on their memorabilia, trinkets, chotchkeys, whatever. Not sure why legislators need to waste time on putting that together when it seems to me that they'd be better off working on trying to figure out how to balance the budget while not increasing amout of taxes that people pay.

rollings021May. 2, 10 3:01 PM

The Twins had a local partner identified up front. The Twins bill was the subject of much debate - the funding mechanisms were identified a full year before a vote took place. They held dozens of public hearings. This piece of garbage is being snuck in at the last minute. It stinks!

chaachie12May. 2, 10 3:08 PM

hfnorth, just because they don't add to YOUR quality of life doesn't mean they don't for the rest of us. Maybe you are disconnected with how others can view the issue.

pitythefoolsMay. 2, 10 3:11 PM

• Sen. Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook

• Rep. Loren Solberg, DFL-Grand Rapids

• Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont

• Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead

• Other lawmakers who are stadium supporters

Unless, of course, their proposal is to have the Wilf's pay for the entire thing. NO PUBLIC MONEY FOR BILLIONAIRES.


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