Troublesome undercurrent wells up in Woodbury

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 26, 2010 - 10:34 PM
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typingwordsApr. 26, 10 9:13 PM

I live in an inner-ring suburb, practically in the city, and nearby there's a group home for inner-city kids. A few blocks away, there's a new home for people in need of assisted living. There's also a treatment center not far from where I live. No one complains about these places nor the people who occupy them. What's up with these far flung suburbs? Are they trying to remove themselves from reality?

tdp1968Apr. 26, 10 9:28 PM

NIMBY's. Letting their fear of the unknown overrule a rational idea. They have made up their minds, don't confuse them with the facts. The city should tell the opponents to go take a leap!

cookie234Apr. 26, 10 9:35 PM

that the people who object to this, meet the same opposition when their turn comes to need such care. I work in a preschool that is located in a Seniors building that has a memory care unit. The children love to go see and play with the "grandmas and grandpas". The seniors love it too. The memory care unit is locked for the protection of the residents. If they were able to wander out, they are in danger of getting hurt. Just remember, YOUR TURN IS COMING.

woodtick57Apr. 27, 10 4:28 AM

Not a huge fan of Woodbury, but 'far flung'? do you realize Woodbury is about as far from downtown St. Paul as Edina is from downtown Minneapolis?

rara62Apr. 27, 10 5:07 AM

Anything can happen to your family anywhere. People with Alzheimer's don't go around hurting people/kids. This is just another "ism" for the narrow minded wanna be's who think their precious stature in a concocted community wil be diminished. Get over yourselves and pray that you or a loved one is never the one being rejected by fearful people like you. Disgusting.

wingfootApr. 27, 10 5:16 AM

So, what are you going to do? "Assume" everyone else supports your position? You have to go by who shows up. If everyone else is too lazy to get there its over.

leg620Apr. 27, 10 6:56 AM

shouldn't I have a big say in what happens there? As a community member don't I have the right to tell others what to do? And when I get Alzheimer's, I won't even remember what a jerk I was.

themarshotelApr. 27, 10 7:28 AM

People have a right to purchase a home and raise their family with other families who are home owners... not renters, businesses, section 8 housing, or care facilities. Those kinds of places can be close by, but in their own areas known as retail/mixed high density housing areas. Govt has this obnoxious desire to see everyone and every style of structure crammed together now and it is not what home buyers want. They want the neighborhood they grew up in, with other families seeking the same single-family/owned home experience. It's not wrong, racist, or ageist, or anti-business. The real hate comes from the other side who seek to destroy anything traditional, and accuse citizens who oppose the "diverse" new order of being bad people. It's all false labeling of people, who simply seek the neighborhood experience they grew up with, and if you read more into it than that, it's your problem. There is nothing wrong with that desire, and I hope the folks in Woodbury win their battle to keep their neighborhood single-family home zoned. I've seen what increased traffic and "mixed use" does to previously wonderful neighborhood. Don't let them wreck yours!

maryj1Apr. 27, 10 7:33 AM

I wish the newspaper would get there facts straight, this is not a Woodbury issue but a Stonemill Farms issue. Wedgewood Park which is just down the road is welcoming Prelude of Woodbury with open arms. This will be a much larger facility with multiple buildings for patients with Alzheimer's. So please do not claim this is a Woodbury issue.

amazingmanApr. 27, 10 7:47 AM

then the Met Council demands high-density, low income housing from Woodbury to "share" the inner city load.


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