Katherine Kersten: The media fires up its inquisition

  • Article by: KATHERINE KERSTEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 10, 2010 - 5:41 PM

You'd think the evil of sexual abuse was exclusive to the Catholic Church.

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mplsjimApr. 10, 10 5:57 PM

Katherine says the Catholic churchs' abuse rates are relative to abuse rates in other sectors of society. That is moral relativism. Who is really hobbling the churchs' moral authority?

hahaha99Apr. 10, 10 6:02 PM

And I am going to thoroughly enjoy sharpening my knives and disecting this nonsense. But first, it is time to grill the steaks and watch the MN Wild and Mike Modano. By the way, KK, how many indulgences did Nienstedt grant you for this ridiculous drivel?

sullyApr. 10, 10 6:15 PM

One of the "fashionable catechisms" the church continues to oppose is equal rights for women. There is just something unnatural about a celibate men-only club abusing vulnerable kids. Sure, abuse is widespread but I think that most people hold priests to a higher standard - are you suggesting we shouldn't?

bill9844Apr. 10, 10 6:35 PM

It hates the church because it doesn't support gay marriage, so this is it's feeble attempt to damage it. Bring it on!!

hahaha99Apr. 10, 10 6:38 PM

What? Shall we talk about the fact that the Catholic Church for hundreds of years has had liturgies for same-sex unions? Shall we talk about the fact that some of those unions were celebrated at High Mass in the church of St. John Lateran, the pope's cathedra as Bishop of Rome, in circa 1588? I didn't think you would.

stavangerApr. 10, 10 6:43 PM

While I agree with you regarding the "piling on", hyperbole, and distorted/inacurate opinions, you yourself are having a problem with accuracy, intended or not. You say that "mainstream Protestantism " has generally opted to play catch-up with culture. for the unknowing, they could easily come to the belief that all non-Catholics have given into the pitfalls of the age. Let me inform you that there are some that are strongly NOT in favor of the moral hazards we all know to which you are referring to.(Abortion, same sex union of clergy-laity, easily obtained divorce, open communion, and others. EVERY time a call is initiated, a BACKGROUND CHECK is done, and that includes when a change of parish happens for the called Pastor. Please be a little more accurate, and stay a little closer to the context. Your broad brush approach is the same broad brush approach which you are conflicted with when applied to the Catholic Church.

kurtwolffApr. 10, 10 6:47 PM

I think with this column Kersten has just become too unplugged to tolerate any more. Katherine, it's not only about child abuse. It's also about the cover ups and the tolerance of child abuse within the walls of the church itself. And your attitude here -- assuming other organizations must be just as guilty, and castigating the press for shining a light on an extremely dark, sinister aspect of an institution that proclaims itself to have a monopoly on truth -- puts you beyond the pale, as far as I'm concerned. And to use the term "inquisition" in your title! Do you actually know what happened during the real Inquisition?

sillysonApr. 10, 10 6:49 PM

... is exemplified in this column.

deva9dadApr. 10, 10 6:53 PM

The most common form of child abuse is where a baby boy, or sometimes adolescent boy is stripped naked, restrained, and has the most sensitive parts of his penis removed, after which, in the case of traditional Jewish circumcision, the Rabbi puts the boy's penis in his mouth, and sucks the blood from the wound! We don't call it abuse though-we call it circumcision. If we are going to talk about child abuse, why don't we talk about that? It involves Islam, Judaism, and the American medical system, and is very profitable, that's why...

roadtoruinApr. 10, 10 7:13 PM

Is that why? Accordding to what I have read and what I have heard, anteaters are not very popular with the ladies.


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