Lake Street tenants spotted host of fire hazards

  • Article by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER and RANDY FURST , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: April 25, 2011 - 5:14 PM

Tenants describe a host of hazards at the Lake Street building.

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Gregc02Apr. 8, 1011:07 PM

Of course the top of the stove was always warm, that's where the central pilot light is. If it goes out, then you smell gas (but the top of the stove is cold). She obviously didn't know about pilot lights and I'll bet it was only warm on one side and the pilot light out on the other, thus the gas smell. Still not the cause of the fire. Still, a major fire trap and a tragedy.

stillonlymeApr. 8, 1011:14 PM

if it had a pilot light? I just replaced mine that was almost 30 years old and it had electronic ignition.

bikemilesApr. 8, 1011:35 PM

Wouldn't a gas leak cause an explosion if it was large enough. Sounds like an unlit pilot light.

Gregc02Apr. 9, 1012:00 AM

Do you really think there was a stove in there less than 30 yrs old? I bet half of the gas stoves in Mpls are older than that and have pilot lights. In any case, the fire didn't start in that apartment. And it doesn't sound like any fire extinguishers would have done any good either; but people died and people want someone to blame. Fix everything and raise the rent and people complain there isn't enough low income housing; you can't have it all. I've lived in apartments that were worse; thankfully, years ago!

joycen62Apr. 9, 1012:23 AM

If you spotted these extreme violations, why not call the authorities? Better yet, call a reporter, and then call the authorities. If the landlord threatens to evict you, you have a newsperson on your side. This "accident" will happen again.

nichole1957Apr. 9, 1012:34 AM

Why is it these tenants always have plenty to say after an incident but never before something happens?

Brian_LarsonApr. 9, 1012:59 AM

at any home improvement store. Tenants will disable them when the cheese from the frozen pizzas drip and burn on the bottom of the stove.

stryper1961Apr. 9, 10 1:50 AM

been addressed by the owners early on...if you have rentals these issues are among the first you concern yourself with if you are a responsible property owner and have allowed these conditions to persist and apparantly for so long is beyond neglect.

RepublicanPunkApr. 9, 10 2:47 AM

Does it say that the tenants made the owners aware of these issues. How can the owners fix anything if they are not made aware that there are problems? Odd this stuff is coming out now when everything was so burned there is no evidence left.

kevinl23Apr. 9, 10 6:00 AM

The owners should have had working smoke detectors. That is their responsibility. However, if I lived in an apartment without one, I'd buy one myself.


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