Will Twins retain home-field edge?

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 2, 2010 - 6:15 AM

Target Field is beautiful, but the Metrodome's unusual traits helped provide an advantage over opponents.

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samo45Apr. 1, 1010:46 PM

Accidentally fire up the garbage burner just before opponents' batters come to the plate?

thelenmanApr. 1, 1010:58 PM

for a few years until they get used to it. this was a concern of mine but i think they will overcome it this year. with the talent they have. they need a closer something fierce. as we know too compete against the yankees,angels,and red sox,we need all cylinders firing.

tenn55Apr. 1, 1011:41 PM

Can I say that I am a little concerned about the T-wolves draft selection if he is averaging 6.7 and 4.2 in 20.5 in any conference other than the NBA? Who is with me on this? I would hope if he is ready for the NBA (No Bumbs Allowed), he would be averaging 30 and 10? Maybe I am being a little optimistic?

johnskbApr. 1, 1011:46 PM

His numbers don't look like it. Less than 7 pts and a little more than 4 assists per game and only 20 minutes of playing time? Seems a bit overrated.

PooOnUApr. 2, 10 3:20 AM

I've been watching Rubio during the Euroleague season and his inclination is to be a pass first point guard who is a good defender. Yesterday was unusual. He was more assertive in taking the ball to the hole, scoring 16 points with 4 rebounds in limited minutes. Real Madrid is the top team for Spain, while Spain is a top country in the Euroleague. The significant of this particular game: it was the deciding game to determine who would advance to the Euroleague Final Four to be held in Paris in mid-May.

mobydick1Apr. 2, 10 6:22 AM

If Childress's son is a Marine, he can't be that bad! Semper Fi!

averagefanApr. 2, 10 6:57 AM

Any loss of the Dome Field advantage will be offset by the fact that they will be playing on grass at home and on the road. They won't have to make an adjustment from turf to grass.

nonlibApr. 2, 10 7:15 AM

it will help on the road.

glindahlApr. 2, 10 7:43 AM

In all the years of outdoor baseball at Met Stadium, 0 World Championships. In the Metrodome, 2 World Championships. Enjoy the outdoor baseball, cold, rain and probably 0 championships. The other teams are thrilled to death that the dome is no longer.

dayoldbreadApr. 2, 10 8:02 AM

How do other teams hold a home field advanatage, I mean, they don't play in domes??? Give me a break, folks! If anything, this team may actually become a better road team now that they actually have dirt throughout their infield. This is NOT the same small ball, basestealing, and bunting / infield single team that the Twins put together back in 2001 - 2006/07. Sure, some teams are probably thrilled to not have to play in the dome anymore, but it was for the same reasons we weren't thrilled to watch a game there ... I'm putting it on the line, they'll have a home field advantage, and they're going to play better on the road.


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