Bitter claim: Price of your chocolate fix is fixed

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 31, 2010 - 7:33 AM

Grocery chains say candy companies are colluding to keep prices high. Chocolate companies say ingredients are expensive.

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innerchildMar. 30, 1011:33 AM

But shouldn't the public benefit from any awarded amount? We're the ones who paid higher prices.

deepderbyMar. 30, 1011:43 AM

Does "Super Value" sell there "food" to the for profit prison industry? I already boycotted them, Rainbow, Cub... years ago. I only shop co-op's and buy as much local/family farm food as possible. I was wondering how much profit they make from the drug war prison industry?

davehougMar. 30, 1011:45 AM

Make them justify rising prices across the industry when costs are level. It might be hard to prove collusion but I am glad somebody is trying.

mtommyMar. 30, 1011:52 AM

i.e. The Informant... this is not a unique activity for major consolidated industries, it does need to be stopped.

glenlivetMar. 30, 1011:52 AM

The reason they can go after them is that the produce a commodity, i.e., baking chocolate which a cooking input. The same charges could be made against ANY food processer, i.e., input prices have fluctuated, yet prices move in only one direction.

maddog1964Mar. 30, 1012:04 PM

Bring back Red Owl!!!!

barmanagerMar. 30, 1012:11 PM

Grocery Stores have been screwing the little guys for years. They give the Big companies like Frito-Lay and Coca Cola the large amount of shelf space and force the little guy to the Bottom where they cant afford to compete. I say good for you Hershey!!!

hfnorthMar. 30, 1012:18 PM

That would be the case whether it be in the form of candy, candy bars, or a chocolate cake. If it is too expensive, don't buy it. In this case, market forces should be able to set the price. I hope SV does not prevail in this suit. I am against smoking and don't do it. But there, apparently it is OK for taxing authority to make the price of tobacco much higher than the price of the product itself, and all tobacco costs more regardless of brand. That's also kind of like collusion to set the price of a product, but in that case it is the state and federal government who effectively raise the prices. It seems inconsistent that a court would OK allowing government to fix prices on tobacco, but disallow chocolate makers to make as much money as they are able to; especially with all the headlines about an obesity epidemic in this country. Leave Hershey and the others alone, and if you don't like the price of products with chocolate in it, don't buy it. That would bring the prices down if sales fall off.

u29ac52Mar. 30, 1012:19 PM

Pay off the debt they took on when they "aquired" Albertsons. A ploy to get money they should not have.

wellssMar. 30, 1012:31 PM

Bring back Red Owl. LOL!!! I loved Red Owl.


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