Ballpark is Ryan's chosen spot

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 16, 2010 - 10:14 AM

Despite his popularity in Minnesota as the man who transformed a dying franchise, Terry Ryan these days works in the shadows of men who rose to authority under his tutelage..

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romermusicMar. 16, 10 1:42 AM

Probably a good thing Smith can lean on Ryan a little bit or even more regarding this whole closer crisis.

hundrawinsMar. 16, 10 2:46 AM

...but good point about Ryan and Smith. Nice article. Definitely better than the author's last piece for the fish wrap west....

mattystrongMar. 16, 10 8:09 AM

You write a good article and I don't see any comments. I quess the naysayers are still in bed.

twinsfan22Mar. 16, 10 8:18 AM

Souhan's stuff is first-rate. As with any journalist, there are times when he might be stretching to come up with a piece - and he doesn't always get it right. But, on the Strib staff, he's the best as far as I'm concerned.

keverrMar. 16, 10 8:51 AM

I am not suggesting Yankee type budget. Any GM could succeed with that, though some fail anyway. But had you given a smart baseball guy like Ryan an adequate (say 120 MM in todays dollars) budget when he was GM, you would have had some WS teams.

keverrMar. 16, 10 8:52 AM

but I suppose when you have to come up with a column every single day, its tough to come up with fresh ideas

scotwilsMar. 16, 10 9:13 AM

He was a great GM, considering the draconian constraints that the billionaire Pohlad family placed on him. Still, right before he left, he flipped off every competitive athlete on the team and every loyal fan by trading Luis Castillo at a point when the Twins were maybe one player away from serious contention. Jim Souhan's column, or any article about Ryan, is incomplete without reference to that move. It's part of who Ryan was as GM: At the end of the day, he was the face of the franchise.

n350354Mar. 16, 10 9:32 AM

How many more articles will appear this Spring telling us what time guys get to the ballpark? From Terry Ryan and Bill Smith to Orlando Hudson/Denard Span/Delmon Young. These stories are prime examples of why journalism has failed the public. There's hardly any news in this paper any longer.

jbiowaMar. 16, 10 9:39 AM

Gee n350354, I was just wondering who got there earlier, Ryan or O-Dog? It might not be the thing you want to read but it does give some insight into their make-up.

brembrem24Mar. 16, 10 9:41 AM

I agree that this was a good article, however usually Souhan says something really unintelligent! If you want an example, just read his recent article on the Twins needing to start to consider trading Joe Mauer. The subject wasn't so much unintelligent but saying that the Twins should consider trading him for principally a relief pitcher (due to Nathan injury) is one of the most unintelligent things I have ever heard! Keep writing articles like this Souhan and stay away from dabbling as a GM.


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