House GOP leader says he will do whatever he can to kill Democratic health care overhaul

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: March 14, 2010 - 8:43 AM
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schroeder12Mar. 14, 10 8:47 AM

60 percent of the country agrees with Bohner. The "health care bill" is as unworthy as the un-American process Democrats are pursuing to cram it down our throats.

Democrats MUST be thrown from power, permanently.

perronjpMar. 14, 10 8:51 AM

It is horrible legislation, that has made it this far due to shennanigans in the wee hours. Just the fact that Nebraska citizens are largely off the hook for paying for this because one of their Senators was bought off should tell you the merits of the bill are no good. Transparency my A$$.

kgunch2Mar. 14, 10 8:52 AM

Wow, this is news. What a change in direction for the party of "No" to be determined to kill Democratic legislation. And to lie about what the bill contains, what it will do, and whether there was any bipartisanship in its development.

skylab2Mar. 14, 10 8:54 AM

Thanks for this breaking news AP! : )

schroeder12Mar. 14, 10 8:58 AM

We're not the party of "no"... we're the party of "hell no."

No power grabs, no more reckless government spending, no more socialism. HELL NO!

schroeder12Mar. 14, 10 8:59 AM

... the "party of no" than the party of "screw you, Americans, we're going to pass this socialist, un-American garbage no matter what you say."

pcastMar. 14, 10 9:01 AM


spartacus218Mar. 14, 10 9:09 AM

The Guardians of Privilege are bent on blocking the health reform. They had an opportunity to influence health care reform, but they chose to obstruct. Now they will put up a real fuss, but ignore them they will be irrelevant. The GOP would rather see 40,000 of the people die each year for lack of health care because their billionaire patrons are tired of sharing their planet with us. Don’t kid yourself, it could be your turn soon.

RichardsorMar. 14, 10 9:11 AM

Think you few GOP folks left out there better pull your head out of you know where. Life goes on ,everybody should realize exactly how badly the REPUBLICANS TRASHED THIS COUNTRY. THerefore understand it will take years to fix the problems the BUSH YEARS CREATED. This country needs health care reform now ,not that idiot Boehners clean sheet of paper. Think unfunded wars ,billions $ ,BS part D program ,millions $ . Where did the US budget surplus go. Did some" fiscal conservative" hide it ????? , NO THEY SPENT IT THEN BORROWED MORE $. The majority of americans have been waiting for healthcare reform for more than 20 years , its time to move forward ,cut the BS ,and get it done.

wedge4puttMar. 14, 10 9:13 AM

Where was this outrage during the 7 successive years of deficits under Bush and the accounting tricks to hide the cost for both wars not to mention the ditch he drove us into with the economy. Boehner is the poster child for broken government. Tell us where to send flowers when your health insurers fails you.


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