Span signing shows Twins willing to make the bold moves

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 13, 2010 - 9:26 PM
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sploorpMar. 13, 10 7:58 PM

I sure wish I knew what was holding up the Mauer deal.

antistribMar. 13, 10 8:33 PM

C'mon Souhan... Signing Mauer for what he's worth is the bold move, if not the smart move!

jrolsonMar. 13, 10 8:37 PM

Why am I not surprised?

sfallsfanMar. 13, 10 8:47 PM

i love that spaans got a new deal, hes great, but anything short of signing the "franchise", the "big ticket" the greatest catcher ever to play,,, ever... anything short of that will always be considered cheap, and the minnesotans should be mad that they bought the tiwns a shiny new stadium for the sole purpose of signing studs like maur and theyr too cheap to pony up a deal for him, if they they dont sign maur, they dont deserve that new stadium,,, the vikes do... at least they dish out the cash for whatever, and whoever they need, ziggys the greatest owner any minnesota pro team has or ever will have

pagejgMar. 13, 10 9:13 PM

I love this deal, but resigning your own All Star talent is hardly bold. And in a year where revenues will surpass 250 MILLION on the backs of a taxpayer funded staduim, I wouldn't call it extravagent either. I'm tired of Lavelle and Souhan being the Front Office stooges.

pdc4kMar. 13, 10 9:26 PM

It's becoming more and more clear that Mauer wants to explore free agency. It's not a matter of the Twins not stepping up with a fair offer. They're not looking for a "hometown discount" from Mauer. He needs to be realistic and understand that enough is enough. If the Yankees or Red Sox want to pay $25 million a year for 10 years to a guy who's a great hitter but has only shown a power stroke one season, has a shaky injury history and likely will be a first baseman or DH in five years, be my guest.

pdc4kMar. 13, 10 9:34 PM

If it becomes clear that the Mauer camp is holding up the negotiations, how long will it take before Twins fans start booing him in the first year at Target Field? I think he's going to be shocked that Twins fans won't be eating out of his hand anymore. A lot of us believe that the name on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back. Will the Baby Jesus become the Baby Judas?

MikecGrimesMar. 13, 10 9:45 PM

I've been saying it for over a year and have no reason to think otherwise. He played the want to play for a champion card hoping the Twins would come up short and he could leave with a reasonable reason, but it is clear he wants to leave so he can play year round in his home state. Face it some people aren't tough enough to live here through the winters and Mauer's one of those people.

jshape30Mar. 13, 10 9:47 PM

signing players to 5 year deals that are already under team control for 5 years...BOLD!

pagejgMar. 13, 1010:05 PM

Span is getting security, Twins are getting a potential big discount. Not bold.


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