Central Corridor isn't just about moving people

  • Article by: CHRIS HAVENS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 13, 2010 - 9:57 PM

Light-rail line advocates are anticipating new development along University Avenue, although they acknowledge it will take years.

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notaxmaxMar. 13, 1011:35 PM

Identify 20 million in new business along a billion dollar route in Phoenix like it is the answer to everyones prayers. last time I looked I wasn't born that stupid. The 20 million is from the Phoenix sun and it describes reality. Why anyone would believe the Star about anything is beyond me. This is the paper of liberal lies and propaganda and the believers might as well live in North korea.

abzzzzMar. 14, 1012:08 AM

"She[Kimberly] said it will probably take 50 to 100 years for the full vision of the line to become reality." I would expect that in 100 years we would have more advanced technology than wheel on rail!!

cookie234Mar. 14, 1012:19 AM

Light rail is stupid. It cannot be moved if the demographics of the area change. It will DESTROY how many businesses along University Ave. that currently exist and PAY TAXES. And then they wonder why the income from sales taxes are falling?

beaglemomMar. 14, 1012:28 AM

The streetcars that served our communities well worked on a grid pattern, where this is linear. You could get to many more places via the streetcar system but some "visionaries" scrapped that. The planners are not the ones who will be impacted by what they have planned, it will be the area business owners who "owned" businesses along the line who will suffer from this. People do not live or work along a corridor, they live on the grid.

mplssoMar. 14, 10 5:59 AM

Look again.

jbpaperMar. 14, 10 7:56 AM

It's about wasting money.

edavis1007Mar. 14, 10 8:31 AM

My family loves the light rail, we can park at the mall and take the train instead of waiting in traffic to get to the dome or new target field we can park cheap and leave the worries behind us. Great and smart move to build something other than more roads.

luscofuscoMar. 14, 10 8:47 AM

In the best case scenario it will lead to more exposure,re-gentrification ( those of a nostalgic bent toward the past do not like that word).Though there is a possibility that it will give someone a opportunity to travel between both cities for employment,entertain-ment,airport traveling, even the "old Relic Amtrak".Just as mammals came after dinosaurs.its a start!

HealthcrusaderMar. 14, 1010:01 AM

Or a monorail going skyway to skyway. These fools are only building using LRT so they can use track by the Metrodome.

biasedmediaMar. 14, 1010:22 AM

should recognize they are doing it wrong. I know the cost is higher, but if you wanted to do it right for the long-term you would put it on hold, go underground by the U of MN, have less stops between St. Paul and the U of MN (cut the travel time and have nicer stops that actually spur new development), and finaly why would it run on University Ave (a major traffic corridor). Move it one block north. Classic case of the organizers becoming blinded by ambition and politics. So what if there is Fed Funding. Do it right for the long term! The Fed grants should still be there. Why rush... I guess that is the way society goes.


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