24 car dealers in Minnesota are back in business

  • Article by: SUZANNE ZIEGLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 9, 2010 - 11:05 PM

The GM dealerships that got new leases on life appear to be largely in rural Minnesota, with an estimated 500 jobs saved.

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mom2fourMar. 9, 10 9:57 PM

Here's hoping these good people, and those that work for them receive good news soon regarding that dealership.

SupervonMar. 9, 1010:06 PM

that my Chevrolets have cost far less to maintain and have been just as reliable as my Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. They may not as beautiful, but they have been rugged and cost far less. The only Asian vehicles I owned were always tempermental and did whatever they wanted-mostly due to poor quality connectors used in their wiring harnesses. They always use the lowest grade of connector technology in their cars-now it's really starting to show up.

ljkjdkMar. 9, 1010:07 PM

..once the Gov't elbows its way in and doesn't allow private industry to fail naturally, competitors, and our free capitalist society are the worse for it. Sorry GM, I used to buy your line of cars. No longer. Also, not sure how many of the Toyota flaws are real and how many are embellishments to help the Gov't (er..GM) bring down a competitor while GM (er..Gov't) benefits so they can say...see!?! We fixed everything, never mind the black helicopters...

kpauly04Mar. 9, 1010:29 PM

The United States is supposed to be a "free market" capitalist system. Unfortunately are elected politicians bail out their union buddies and those who fork over the money to their election campaigns. GM should have gone bankrupt but instead the politicians use OUR money for their own personal gain as well the sheep that the politicians protect. What a joke.

katnincMar. 9, 1011:24 PM

No, I don't think so. I have a better memory than that. Maybe when Main gets the anointment to stay in business - I'll believe.

noinkMar. 9, 1011:47 PM

The real downfall of General Motors was when our federal government broke them up and would not let them share technology, parts, etc. a few decades ago.

jugglerMar. 9, 1011:52 PM

So nice of Obama to allow the privately owned dealerships that sell Government Motor cars to engage in free enterprise again. That is if the dealers are still in business after being forced out by the Obamanation in Chief of Economic Destruction.

lewylewyMar. 10, 1012:51 AM

Why would anyone buy a vehicle from an organization (GM) that treats their distributors like unwanted trash?

gmamonkMar. 10, 10 4:12 AM

The closing of many of these dealerships was all political~~why would a profitable business be closed? Any bets that Main Motors in Anoka be closed after being #1 Cadillac Dealer because their daughter, Gretchen, works for Fox News? Many jobs were lost over the closings, will these people be able to get those jobs back if they are still around?

b127oaktreeMar. 10, 10 4:49 AM

Why do you close a profitable business? There is another side to the story and we are not seeing it. And we want these people involved in our heathcare. What a stench.


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