Poverty is hitting the suburbs with more sting

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 6, 2010 - 10:03 PM

Bastions of the middle class, Twin Cities suburbs are seeing financial pain spreading quietly among their residents. They now have more poor people than the core cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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rafannonMar. 6, 1010:05 PM

We can all thank your state and national politicians for all this mess... If national healthcare would have passed this poor lady wouldnt be in this mess... and our Governor doesnt care because he has health insurance.

jwblackMar. 6, 1010:08 PM

and the rest of the liberals...depend on goverment entitlements then vote for democrats.

minnexyzMar. 6, 1010:09 PM

The suburbs share in the pain instead of being refuges for people to hide in.

paulpalin12Mar. 6, 1010:14 PM

May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face for you might very well end up like the people in this story. However, since you have a trust fund left to you by your parents and a huge inheritance, I doubt you will be in any financial dire straits anytime soon.

BucklawMar. 6, 1010:16 PM

The sprawling suburbs will be the slums of the future. Those unnecessarily large cheaply-built homes will be cut up like the old mansions in the cities were a few decades go to make duplexes, triplexes, condos and such. Unfortunately, a lot of the houses built out there where land was cheap are all space and no substance. Big places built during the boon years. Crap. (Don't believe me? Well, go buy one then...great investment, right?)

The freemarket will take care of it and it won't be good.

minneg56Mar. 6, 1010:19 PM

Urban, suburban, exurban ... no job is no job. No money is no money and pain probably hurts the same in the 'burbs as it does in the city. The impacts of pain might be different but I really think it all hurts the same.

kleindropperMar. 6, 1010:22 PM

The Met Council pushes "affordable housing" mandates onto the suburbs. Who do you think is going to move into those projects? And then they wonder why there is urban sprawl when they want exactly the opposite?

ckuhlmanMar. 6, 1010:36 PM

The problem with a service economy is that the upper middle class is what disappears. Those are the people who pay the most taxes, make the most charitable donations, provide the base membership for community organizations, etc, etc. Cut that part of society out and watch the outer communities dry up much like our urban cores did in 1965-1980.

snowguy716Mar. 6, 1010:40 PM

Is to cut these leeches off the public dole! Quit taking MY tax dollars so you can have your big screen TVs, big gas guzzling SUVs, and big stickbox houses. We should be demonizing them and scorning them! Not offering a helping hand and wishing them the best! It's the American way! In all seriousness, whoever said that no job and no money is painful no matter where you live hit it smack on the head. Let's hope these people can find work and get back on their feet ASAP.

pfbramMar. 6, 1010:47 PM

Well, perhaps we're nearing a point in our nation's history where it's time to name names. Who have been the people in positions of power responsible for this mess, and how are they to be arraigned?


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