As the turbine blades turn ...

  • Article by: JIM ADAMS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 28, 2010 - 11:18 PM

Nine of 11 stalled wind turbines from California are spinning in Minnesota now, but questions of efficacy swirl.

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inrealityFeb. 28, 10 8:40 PM

was efficient and cost effective then government grants wouldn't be needed. I'd prefer my precious tax revenue be used for essential government services only. The rest of MY money should be kept in my pocket and not used for wasteful projects like this.

patrick845wFeb. 28, 10 8:48 PM

The one in Anoka is still yard art. I am not encouraged. Pat Walker

hendersonmjFeb. 28, 10 8:51 PM

... one day this past week. I drive by it every day. Perhaps it generated enough juice to power this comment.

apanschFeb. 28, 10 8:57 PM

well. a huge cost is the power grid system in this country is terrible. We've let our infrastructure age to the point that it costs so much to fix it. Putting wind farms up is just a thing to ease the supply on natural resources and provide energy that doesn't need anything but wind and a little man power to produce power. The government needed to provide grants for these projects because without them they wouldn't get off the ground and they needed that little boost. Once up and running they provide a great benefit. people need to realized that things are being paid for with your taxes that are FAR FAR WORSE!

BudweisercsFeb. 28, 10 8:59 PM

I have never had a question about their effectiveness...They are a huge waste of money and resources!

Unreliable, maintenance nightmare, large footprint (the towers and all the power lines to connect each unit or group), very expensive, still have to build expensive substations and transmission lines for a source that generates only 40-50% of the time.

We could probably have a new nuke up and running 99.9% reliable, base load power for what we have invested in this wind fad?

vf702Feb. 28, 10 9:00 PM

The ones in Shakopee and Chaska never spin. Contrast that with the huge one that just went up near Mystic Lake that is always spinning. Someone obviously didn't do their homework here.

e8ndaveFeb. 28, 10 9:06 PM

They seem to blow a lot of air in the area of the capital. They could power the state for a few years.

cosmic_jesusFeb. 28, 10 9:09 PM

If fossil fuels were cost effective they wouldn't have needed $70 billion in federal subsidies between 2002 and 2008, about 6 times the amount traditional renewable energy sources.

por9512000Feb. 28, 10 9:15 PM

I Live few hundred yards from the one in Chaska. I am surprised how noisy it is. I hope it will settle down over time... :(

paulskiFeb. 28, 10 9:23 PM

Budweisercs, So you want a nuke? Fine. In 20 years we can puke the nuke waste in your basement. And don't forget. To get the nuke industry up, the government just did a loan guarentee, for one plant in Georgia, to the tune of billions. your Democrat president approved it, and the republican senators down there were happy about it.


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