Pawlenty's 2012 effort: On radar but weak signal

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 27, 2010 - 9:59 PM

The governor's presidential campaign hasn't caught fire nationally, but there's time. "I think he's on the radar. It's a pretty distant signal, though," said GOP strategist John Feehery

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swannyriversFeb. 27, 1010:04 PM

Seriously? We have an 8.8 earthquake in Chile, a potential Tsunami brewing in Japan and the fact that Pawlenty's not considered a front-runner for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination is Breaking News? Wow?! This just in, Obama is losing approval rating points quicker than he can spend billions of dollars we don't have.

rafannonFeb. 27, 1010:06 PM

who cares..... he needs to leave the state. He owes Mn back his salary. He hasnt earned it.

hahaha99Feb. 27, 1010:20 PM

In all of his I'm-not-really-campaigning speeches, Governor No fails to mention the fact he never won a gubernatorial election with a majority vote. I wonder why?

BucklawFeb. 27, 1010:24 PM

Tim Pawlenty has a lot to be grateful for and he's busy destroying it. Who thinks Tim Pawlenty would be where he is today if his parents' and grandparents' generations didn't support and strong and progressive government?

Tim's father was a delivery truck driver. His father's hard work went a long way in the 60s and 70s when taxes supported strong schools and public services and as a society we moved more toward equality and opportunity for all rather than pulling it all apart. The United States took civil rights seriously...again, benefiting us all by providing a stronger we have bickering from the right about basic rights for gays and lesbians. Just another example of where the right divides whereas proceeding generations found ways to unite. The right with Republicans in the lead have made a virtue of failure and ignorance. Is that what we want this country to be about?

It isn't just the valuable investments proceeding generations made in our country and society, it is what it did for everyone. The middle class thrived and economic growth was steady and strong, much better than what we have today. And this was not a period of low taxes and irresponsible and unbalanced tax cuts.

It makes me sick that Tim Pawlenty thinks it is appropriate for him to kick off his political campaigns at the Croation Hall in South St. Paul. He could not be more out of place. Tim Pawlenty is an ungrateful little whiner busy dismantling all the advantages he enjoyed and the people and hard work places like the Croation Hall and his boyhood home town represent. Tim Pawlenty is a shallow fraud and we all will be better off when his political career ends.

shishapangmaFeb. 27, 1010:28 PM

Governor Pawlenty offers nothing for thinking people and nothing new to the emotionally crippled. He is just like every other coward cookie-cutter clone in that group and doesn't have the ability to stand out based on charisma alone. He talks less government but then supports legislation that interferes with people's personal lives, or at least vows to veto social legislation that offers less interference. Until a true conservative enters the race, i.e., one that stands for less government interference in all areas and freedom for all people, I will continue to be unimpressed by all of these embarrassing, misidentified charlatans.

schneehundFeb. 27, 1010:35 PM

for his pathetic try at the presidency. Has anyone reminded Gov. Toolittle that it is February, 2010, and the election is not until NOVEMBER 2012?! Here's an idea: leave your old job BEFORE YOU START YOUR NEW ONE!

radster63Feb. 27, 1010:37 PM

Let's run them together in 3012, the world might be ready for them by then.

MDmanFeb. 27, 1010:42 PM

What Resume! How about an F....for NO EFFort! He owes the State of Minnesota his salary and an apology for 8 miserable years.

rswanbergFeb. 27, 1010:44 PM

You were elected to do your job as Governor of Minnesota. You were not elected to be running all over the country campaigning for another office. If this is your choice, then you need to resign. If you don't resign, then it is obvious that the position of Governor does not need to be a full time position and the salary should be reduced accordingly to save the State of Minnesota some money.

marenlFeb. 27, 1010:53 PM

So a GOP operative says that Pawlenty is on radar but the signal is weak for a Presidental bid. Funny, that's how it seems he performs as governor of Minnesota, too. We have him on the radar as he flys around the country but he's usually far away and the signal is weak for us, too. Considering how he's governed this state, maybe that's a good thing.


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