Vikings beef up lobbying crew at Minn. Capitol

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  • Updated: February 24, 2010 - 10:59 AM
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prknutsonFeb. 24, 1010:59 AM

Let's just make sure we don't get flagged for 12 men in the Capitol...

julio57Feb. 24, 1011:00 AM

As long as it doesn't use general fund tax money I don't care where the funding comes from. This shouldn't be that hard. Find three or four funding sources (license plates, lottery tickets, ticket taxes, Racino, in stadium taxes, parking taxes, whatever). The only reason nothing has been done is because neither side wants the other to get the credit for getting it done. T-Paw would be all for the Racino if the bill was introduced by two fiscal conservatives instead of two Dems.

clinto1054Feb. 24, 1011:02 AM

Keep developing plans that include the proceeds from gambling. We do not need anymore casinos or bigger, fancier casinos. The state needs to tap into a fair share of this money for issues like recreational facilities (stadium). A large share of this stadium should also come from the owner(s) - they will be the main profit-gainers.

mstefferFeb. 24, 1011:06 AM

I live in Hennepin County, and we had to pay for the Twins and Gopher stadiums, let the rest of the state pay for this one. No license plate fees. They are already too expensive.

jablumpkinFeb. 24, 1011:07 AM

Debatably what state that will be in. Winner Winner Money Maker - ZIGI WOLF!

huguenotFeb. 24, 1011:10 AM

Please, lobbyists for the rich are not necessary. The rich can build their own stadium and reap (rape) the profits. Any state money needs to go to help the poor, the children, the uninsured, the disabled, the people needing real estate tax relief---but not the rich who already have more than enough money to build their own stadium. I hope our legislators do not fall for any of the stadium screaming that we will now hear from these rich lobbyists who are nothing but whores for the rich team owners. What a joke that our legislators even need to spend a minute listening to this crap while the state is going downhill by the minute!!! A new stadium is not needed at taypayers or gamblers expense-but at the expense of the rich owners and players. We do not need a new stadium, but we certainly need a new governor who will set priorities for people instead of pet projects for the rich or an agenda that he thinks might make him look "Presidential" to the far right. I hope the Legislature sends this lobbyists packing. I am amazed at the disgusting behavior of the greed of Ziggy and associates.

parks12005Feb. 24, 1011:10 AM

The Vikes are a big part of the state and community. The majority of the population would sooner see them here as opposed to somewhere else. If we can come up with a solution that doesn’t cost us a lot of State dollars. Get it done!!!

keverrFeb. 24, 1011:16 AM

you are not helping your chances by putting on a full press during an economic year like this one. It just makes you looks like you dont have a clue. Maybe you think that by putting on the full press this year, we for sure cannot turn you down next year, but you aint gettin any money this year

lothlornFeb. 24, 1011:16 AM

I smell a new Stadium. Do you?

hockeyfoxFeb. 24, 1011:18 AM

If we can get a tax passed for the arts and the outdoors, why not for the Vikings. My guess is more people are interested in watching the Vikings play and buying sports memorabilia than go to the ballet and buying tu-tus.


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