Minneapolis system losing the fight against lax landlords

  • Article by: CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 16, 2010 - 3:47 PM

Most affected by the situation are families like those of Rosie Lee who live in housing that some property owners are either unwilling or unable to keep in good shape.

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mattaudioFeb. 23, 1010:12 PM

They try to regulate everything in Minneapolis! I understand this is because they have to deal with shady landlords. But treat actual homeowners a little better! For example, stop double dipping on permit fees for projects done by homeowners but with plumbers/electricians doing their thing. They double dip on the value of that work!

swmnguyFeb. 23, 1010:18 PM

If you put a lot of preparation into the process and the project goes as planned you do just fine in Mpls. If anything goes wrong, or if you (understandably enough) don't get the process exactly right, they'll nail you.

If, on the other hand, you don't pull a permit at all, or do completely substandard work, or hire winos who are willing to paint over dirt or put duct tape on leaky drain pipes, you'll pass right on by until somebody contacts the media.

american47Feb. 23, 1010:20 PM

Sort of tells the whole story doesn't it.

dtmonkeyboyFeb. 23, 1010:20 PM

anybody ever tried to do something in the burbs...they are 100 times more restrictive -- even down to the paint color. I couldn't even put up a basketball hoop...had to move to the city where i could actually have some freedom

jbpaperFeb. 23, 1010:47 PM

That doesn't sound like a landlord issue, that sounds like a tenant/neighborhood issue. american47, I was thinking the same thing.

mn04lifeFeb. 23, 1010:52 PM

How can people vote to dislike the seven children comment. Thats a great comment. I wonder how this lady pays that 1,200 dollar rent bill per month and all that daycare???? She must have a really good job!!! LOL...

uptowndanFeb. 23, 1011:08 PM

Guess these people think it's funny when children have to clean up sewage because a landlord failed in his responsibilities and the city doesn't care. Or is it just funny because they're black? I get so confused with racist agendas. Stay classy, Minneapolis. It's so much fun to devalue and mock the basic human dignity of certain groups of people. Let's all join in!

johnhoffFeb. 23, 1011:17 PM

I find it hard to believe this situation happened without big fat lies being told to banks, which is fraud. I hope the authorities get to the bottom of this and send Paul Koenig away for a long time. Also, I personally met the woman in this story. I would like to say I was amazed by the gentle kindness she showed her children, an almost saint-like patience. Every one of these children has a chance to improve their lot in the world, and her mothering will have a lot to do with their odds. Nobody deserves to pay good money for rent and then have sewage leaking all over, not getting fixed. Paul Koenig is scum. And this is his special day, with articles in both Strib and City Pages. It's Paul Koenig Day!

mn04lifeFeb. 23, 1011:24 PM

Who screens these comments??? I didn't say anything bad in my post...what gives???

bjlittle43Feb. 23, 1011:31 PM

I use to own some properties that I rented out and would never do that again. I tried renting to college students, their parties destroyed my property where it cost me more to fix then I made in rent. same with young adults, same with minorities. I finally gave up and had the properties razed and sold the land to the city. How would you feel if you put all your money into rentals and people who rent them destroy them.


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