Did Regis' labor signature effort cross the line?

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 21, 2010 - 6:39 AM

A dispute at the salon chain brings scrutiny from federal investigators.

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hermanthehunFeb. 20, 1010:48 PM

Bernie Hess, an organizer with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789 in St. Paul: "We'll continue to explore conventional and unconventional ways to take care of workers and give them a voice at work." Translation: We'll continue to explore conventional and unconventional ways to get the workers initiation fees and monthly dues"

sheepyFeb. 20, 1011:07 PM

I have worked in a union store and non-union. There are some great things about unions, but Bernie Hess is not one of them. He tried to organized Landmark Theatres in Minneapolis and he and his partner totally dropped the ball. When they thought there were not enough votes, they ignored the three theatres and left the employees hanging. Thanks for making promises and then not following through, Bernie.

koskie4lifeFeb. 20, 1011:12 PM

...unions had a point back when my grandpa worked heating and cooling down in Rochester in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Now, however, things have gone too far for many unions. I'm sure there are still some decent unions out there that understand demanding too much out of a business will hurt the union in the long run, but the greed some of these union have (see: UAW) is appalling.

striberalFeb. 20, 1011:40 PM

"I was not fired because I took more than a 30-minute lunch break and because I didn't clock in when I should," she said. So, this employee with known tardiness issues was fired, and now she wants the union to get her back. Typical unionist. Good people do not want to work with people like her, yet unions force them to accept such bad co-workers, ruining the morale of the entire workplace. If my stylist ever goes union, she will need to find another client.

the_vfoxFeb. 21, 10 4:32 AM

5 out of 8000 felt that it was pressure to sign. The card check legislation is nothing more than a payoff to the union buddies of the demoncrats.

cschwartFeb. 21, 10 5:24 AM

Are we to believe the union will never exert any pressure on an employee to sign a union authorization card??? Three or four organizers are probably standing there for coffee, I suppose.

tikidog1Feb. 21, 10 6:01 AM

The best years for me were when I got our of the union. I recommend that these employees tell the unions to "shove it". If you have any brains, you don't need the union.

MSSull2Feb. 21, 10 6:53 AM

I've never understood how a union that doesn't represent a group of workers can pressure any of them to do anything. An employer has much more power over employees to pressure them to do what the employer wants them to do.

Thumper5316Feb. 21, 10 7:21 AM

I can remember the letter my husband received after getting a job on the railroad. "Welcome; you have 30 days to sign up for the union; if you do not it may mean your job." No union pressure...yeah, right.

emilyolinFeb. 21, 10 7:28 AM

I suppose all of you union haters love lower wages for the workers and higher wages for the big boss then? As a hard-working union worker, I believe people who aren't in unions are jealous of the fact that they could get fired for picking their noses on the job and we union workers would have support and be fired for legitimate reasons.


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