Cuts would fall on poor, old, disabled and sick

  • Article by: WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 15, 2010 - 8:44 PM

General Assistance would end, and some low-income workers would lose MinnesotaCare health coverage.

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mutt10RFeb. 15, 10 9:22 PM

Pick on the weakest while pandering to fiscal bullies. Keep Timmy off the school playgrounds or he'll resort to stealing lunch money.

jlmmmklaberFeb. 15, 10 9:51 PM

Did I expect anything different from Pawlenty and his budget slashing? Can't say that I did, but then this is a man who doesn't care about the needy and disabled (sorry, gov, lip service doesn't count). But be sure to take care of his friends in business and give them a tax cut, thus increasing our deficit even more . . . and this man is running for president? God help us all.

janelle3Feb. 15, 1010:04 PM

Pawlenty's done at the end of the year. He doesn't care what happens to Minnesota. He has to be the tough guy to gain popularity with the national Republicans who are even more conservative than those in Minnesota. MNCare was designed to be health insurance for working people who don't make enough to afford private insurance. The subsidies proposed in the national health care bill are about the same thing. It was not designed to be a program for extreme poor and homeless. Hopefully the legislature will find a way to keep everyone enrolled. I doubt they'll be able to save GAMC, it comes out of the general fund. Some on GAMC, the people with severe mental illnesses and no fixed address will have a hard time on MNCare. It's like regular insurance, you get a bill each month, you renew it every year. If Pawlenty gets his way, he will ruin the best health care system in the country.

jcsky5659Feb. 15, 1010:12 PM

All I can say is if you have the money you pay thier way, its not the goverments job to take care of us its are JOB. But go ahead and dig deep in your pockets , you sound like you have money! the goverment is broke get it through your democratic heads. we have no money! If i kept writing checks and have no money thats called fraud and i would go to prison. I think the goverment should go to prison too for fraud spending money they dont have!!!!!!

jcsky5659Feb. 15, 1010:23 PM

to help others you have to help your own first! it seams we had alot of money to help hati but we dont have money to help our own, so that tells me none needs help here!

Linda1964Feb. 15, 1010:51 PM

Its a shame that they're targeting the people again rather than the bureaucracy. They always do that. They can get the biggest amount from "targeted case management" for child welfare, developmental disabilities, mental health, etc. This is the money that counties receive for case management, regardless of whether people actually receive any help. Case management fees are one big reason why counties never merge any of their social services programs. The case management fees are just too lucrative for them.

rammerFeb. 15, 1011:22 PM

But themselves for squandering decades of control in this state and using that time to build such a network entirely dependent on the rougly 1/2 of residents who have a "net" tax obligation, that when that 1/2 can't sustain the DFL's wishes, cuts of this magnitude become inevitable. I'm past being sick/tired of Pawlenty becoming the fall guy for facing up like an adult and doing what should have been done years ago (thank you Carlson/Ventura/Perpich/Anderson)..HAVE A BACKBONE.

jchilman12Feb. 15, 1011:51 PM

However, on the point of economics, I fail to see the problem with raising property taxes. While something must be done to even it out for farmers, for most of us, more money equals bigger house. Less money equals smaller house or no house. As for the poor, in addition to lower taxes because they rent or are homeless, I also believe it is OUR responsibility to take care of them not the government's job. I support many charities and causes on my own. As it should be. I am all for the state cutting money from these programs. It now falls on human decency AS IT SHOULD to make up the difference.

lindamarFeb. 16, 10 1:14 AM

How hypocritical for tea party to scare everyone about pulling the plug on Granny that's what Pawlenty's doing to the most vulnerable of us. Shame on him, while he gives tax breaks to the rich. Heartless.

lordhawhaw1Feb. 16, 10 3:54 AM

Was that quote about Washington from a politician, a citizen, or a liberal journalist convinced he's unbiased? How about asking for justification for those cuts from the Governor and printing those responses? Are you afraid the reader might change his or her opinion about the cuts if all the facts are told? Did you mention anywhere in the article why cuts need to be made (1.2 Billion Dollar Deficit)? Why did you only quote people who have a stake in making sure the proposed cuts don't happen? Have you included any quotes from average Joes like me who know it is time we lived within our means? Or information that there are so many overlapping Federal, State and charitable programs that nobody is going to go hungry or go without medical care? Too bad so many readers apparently lack the wit to see through your propaganda for the Democratic Party. Sir, you are not a journalist and what you pen belongs in an op-ed piece or a comment section of a failing newspaper.


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