Reusse: Ego will bring Favre back

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2010 - 4:59 AM

It’s already a cinch that Favre is coming back, to pad all those numbers, and his bank account with a $13 million salary and a late-burgeoning career as a product pitchman.

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mitty13Feb. 13, 10 7:07 PM

Favre situation has to bother the hell out of cheeseheads. I almost feel for them. Almost.

bodisaat_vaFeb. 13, 10 7:24 PM

I understand some balance with those that are a bit overzealous in praising Favre but Reusse always comes off as a bitter pencil pusher when he writes about Favre. What's this you say, Patrick? A pro player has an ego? Go on! Such theories are utterly impossible! That said, let's hope Favre does give us one more season if not two. I'm certainly not banking on a Super Bowl or even playoff wins or appearances but I've never had more fun watching the Vikes than this past season so sign me up for more.

geckojayFeb. 13, 10 7:26 PM

You sound like a bitter hater. I dont know the man, I dont know what he's thinking. NEITHER DO YOU!

MRenrewFeb. 13, 10 7:29 PM

The title gives your agenda away, Mr. Reusse. Sorry, none of us are going to bite. Not Favre. Not the loyal purple faithful. No one. This wasn't even a good try! Ya mailed this one in...poor work, below your standards.

norton11Feb. 13, 10 7:32 PM

My sources are telling me Randy Moss will be back too - BTW - he is a free agent.

Marky23Feb. 13, 10 7:33 PM

Kudos sir, you're bemoaning the theater of professional sport while actively participating in it. Hats off, I say. Although the excerpt in the title line does beg the question, if this theater is so absurd, why invest your time in covering it? There is no dearth of compelling subjects on which to opine. Many of your readers share a German heritage. How about a column on Ms. Vonn, exploring her proficiency in this language? Or more generally, how about the absurdity, given our current budgetary challenges, of pursuing an Olympic bid for the 2020 games? Or,how about you throw us all for a loop, since you've demonstrated repeated animus toward the passion of so many fans of spectator sports, why not spread your wings beyond the banal frivolity that is sports entertainment and preach about issues of substance... how about the role of the invasion of Iraq and the financial meltdown in reducing tourism to Greece resulting in its present financial straits? Of course, you could just enjoy the paychecks... who are we kidding, those are going straight through to Haiti, right?

northstar211Feb. 13, 10 7:34 PM

Farve has to make some kind of decision before the draft. If he doesn't what do the Vikings do. make the decsion to gamble on Farve and go with T-Jack he does not come back. do they take the draft picks and trade for a proven QB. do they draft someone. This is why the Packers and Jets got done playing the game also you do not leave teams hanging like that!!!

csscl0Feb. 13, 10 7:36 PM

As long as he returns, we will have another shot at the title! It's no longer Mission Miami, it's Destination Dallas!

sharkysharkFeb. 13, 10 7:51 PM

Haven't we had enough?

zubair75Feb. 13, 10 7:51 PM

here we go again, another so called sports writer telling us how selfish and egotistic favre is. How come none of the players on the viking squad or the previous teams that he played on, have ever said anything about his ego or his selfishness. The whole squad wants him to come back and are fine with him missing the camps, but his holiness Mr Reusse does not like it one bit. I think you should stick with golf.


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