A target for shady health plans: The uninsured

  • Article by: CHEN MAY YEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2010 - 6:08 AM

As the problem of deceptive marketing swells, Minnesota is suing firms that sell discount cards.

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jathu001Feb. 11, 10 6:25 AM

So you can see this one coming miles away. Desperate people with no health insurance. Vulture companies popping up. Oh oh. What if we'd just had something called "The Public Option," with oversight by "The Government of the United States of America?" Oh no. We can't have that. It's better for folks to choose between death (no health care) or swindlers.

pc_4n6Feb. 11, 10 6:30 AM

I'm employed and don't get these calls. Roommate is out of work and gets called, by name. Who, at the State, gives or sells the lists to these outfits? Perhaps the AG should look into whether the State is throwing gas on the fire!

denisjahFeb. 11, 10 7:09 AM

Why are Minnesota dollars needed to close down fraud in Texas? What makes them tolerate fraud in their own borders?

marpalleclFeb. 11, 10 7:09 AM

but none of them have done one thing to lower costs. We have medicare, medicaid, MNcare, ... and not one has substantially lowered cost. As a matter of fact, they all tax for profit plans to raise the cost of for profit insurance for those able to pay. There is no silver bullet here and a public option would be about the same as setting off an atomic bomb, lots of distruction but still a pretty major problem. The current public plans can not survive as they are and they already rely on private plans and taxes to prop them up, just how will a full blown public option work without more private plan taxes and without more taxes on the general population?

doghunt3Feb. 11, 10 7:21 AM

What is worse is that 4% of the United States forgot those wise words when it came to voting for a guy who reads a speech out of a teleprompter very well.

dmpabloFeb. 11, 10 7:32 AM

people to buy health insurance across state lines. What a joke. Just WHO is going to police it and enforce problems? Get off the damn dime Democrats and pass single payer health care with the 51 votes.

gopherfan10101Feb. 11, 10 7:41 AM

Its called research and personal responsibility. People need to take some time and research something before you buy it and take responsibility if you didn't and got ripped off. If someone called you up out of the blue and said they had a brand new BMW for $5,000 would you buy it no questions asked? Probably not. Why would it be any different with health insurance? People need to stop with the whole victim mentality and take responsibility.

framptonFeb. 11, 10 7:44 AM

Than private plans...and you'll have no recourse in court to sue the government. Be careful what you wish for from your benevolent bueauracrats...there's no going back.

smeeagainFeb. 11, 10 7:45 AM

This is EXACTLY the "free market" the anti-government types want people to buy their insurance in.

mmohucapFeb. 11, 10 7:46 AM

This is another example of how good government regulation can help stem the excesses of capitalism. These people and their companies don't care if they provide you with good service--they simply want everything in your wallet.


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