Johnson chosen to lead Minneapolis schools

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 9, 2010 - 10:49 PM

The Minneapolis school board made Bernadeia Johnson its official pick for superintendent, though two board members objected to the lack of a formal search.

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SupervonFeb. 9, 10 9:22 PM

Let me say it again. No finance background. No contract experience. I pray that she is not a patsy for the Unions.

capitaleyesFeb. 9, 10 9:30 PM

Did you read the article? Have you seen her resume? Am I missing something Supervon???

DacotaFeb. 9, 10 9:42 PM

... MISTAKE!!!

blwhiteFeb. 9, 1010:11 PM

Bill Green helped heal Minneapolis; Bernadeia Johnson will help lead Minneapolis into an era of growth. Thank you school board! And for all of the continued naysayers on Star Tribune blogs, I am hoping that a. you will see the results you fervently hope for or b. you are one of the folks that tried to keep the status quo in Mpls and were ousted because of inadequate performance and will see in the results that high expectations for ALL students will help all students be successful in life. And I would hope that is what all of the bloggers would hope for the children of Minneapolis!

minn12Feb. 10, 10 1:44 AM

is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. A national search should have been done, and an experienced reformer with a successful track record should have been chosen. This candidate does not have enough experience and with our schools in shambles, this is no time for the same old, same old. This has failure written all over it.

k53388Feb. 10, 10 5:07 AM

Well, supervon, that is EXACTLY what she is. Along with being the new poster child in Minneapolis's diversity exercise. Cover your heads parents and taxpayers,it's going to get ugly out there.

langton4Feb. 10, 10 5:23 AM

A career in finance, experience in the classroom, a school principal, assistant deputy director of Minneapolis school system, an advanced degree in speech therapy (which is actually a more competitive program that most education programs). So, what is she missing exactly? I think that the answer lies in k53388's post and it's not very subtle.

verdin11Feb. 10, 10 5:35 AM

Finally, they've stopped chasing after glamour candidates with inflated, carefully-mined "success" statistics. A national search would have resulted in the district having to lure someone away from their current job by offering obscene pay. This new person would likely have no ties to the community and in a couple years they'd move on to an even higher paying job somewhere else, and on and on... The approached used this time seems much more sane. Johnson already knows the strengths and weaknesses of the district, and maybe she'll actually still be around in three years.

k53388Feb. 10, 10 5:45 AM

Well, langton4 , it wasn't meant to be subtle, just honest. And before any name calling begins, I'm Afro-American. I call 'em as I see 'em and I am not the least bit ashamed of my opinion. Bill Cosby said it best, "there is a reason that people see us as they do and that reason is us". That may not be a very "comfortable" statement but is is nonetheless true.

langton4Feb. 10, 10 5:55 AM

Bill Cosby is right. So, why are you criticizing a qualified African-American woman? Sounds to me like she is someone that Bill Cosby would approve of. Why do you assume that she is merely a "poster child for diversity?" Your previous post attacked her for that, not for her qualifications. Seems to me that if her current boss thinks highly of her and her resume stands up, there is something else at work here.


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