McKinnie flagged for too much partying

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 31, 2010 - 12:19 AM

The Vikings tackle blew off practice, so the league blew him off for Sunday's Pro Bowl.

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Tinye67Jan. 30, 1010:11 PM

McKinney played most the year like he didn't deserve to be in the game....and now he won't.

thlipsis29Jan. 30, 1010:41 PM

Perhaps he didn't want to be the one responsible for the NFC quarterbacks getting pounded into the ground the way Favre was last week. Being exposed like that two weeks in a row on national television could really damage a guy's image, especially when contract time comes around again. Drinking himself off the team won't do near as much harm to his reputation.

thistimeJan. 30, 1010:52 PM

some times they have you so bad you can't even go have some fun and make 45,000 I hope he can get the help he needs.

ussforrestalJan. 30, 1010:54 PM

He was extremely inconsistent and when bad, very bad. How he even got into the Pro Bowl is validation that the NFL All-Star game is ridiculous. Why do they even have it...

bbtylrvJan. 30, 1011:25 PM

Mr. Wilf and Coach Childress, Please consider trading or releasing McKinnie. His actions are an embarrassment to both of you, as well as the Viking organization, the state of Minnesota and the fans who love the team so much. I am truly thankful for the way the two of you have worked so hard to put a "character" team on the field. I will trust and support your judgement on this matter. Please strongly consider removing him from the roster as he has proven to make decisions that are toxic to the organization. Respectfully, RT

justanideaJan. 30, 1011:33 PM

Does anyone know if Big Mac wore his roller skates to the strip club? It looked like he had roller skates on this whole year when he was trying to block. Trade him now while you can get a 7th round pick.

littlebigboyJan. 30, 1011:34 PM

Probably the most overrated and over paid player in the NFL. But Childress likes him, so nothing will happen. Like Peter Pan, "I won't grow up"!

lijyaqobJan. 30, 1011:43 PM

First off Mckinnie had a good year.. that's why he made it to the pro-bowl. A lot of players use twitter for the benefit... if there really is any. Cause usually only your fans look at that stuff anyway. Second off.. why compare him to Mr. Hutchinson? Compare him to all the other players (including many on other teams) that don't want to go! He just played and just like a lot of players he doesn't want to go... and why do you care? It is something he earned for working hard all year. If he don't want to go .. and wants to party, good for him.. what ever. Wow get off these peoples backs!

lijyaqobJan. 30, 1011:51 PM

If i had twitter i would reminds my fans to get out and vote too!!! He had one game that was bad. And i can think of better left tackles who have a bad game a year too. If he was so bad we would not have a record like we did. The game he didn't do good in, he was going against one of the best and could have used some help. His position is one of the most important.. and any fool who says to trade him would not make a good GM. Trade him for another left tackle??? Yeah right.. who? Aint to many better and no team would give you a better player for a worse one. Get off these people nuts. I hope these aint men on here sounding like women gossiping...

prplhlmt44Jan. 30, 1011:53 PM

hopefully wilf will release this guy who deserves no respect..just another miami university least he didnt kill a person on his off week before the superbowl....(ray lewis).....put loadholt in his place and pick up a new lineman in the draft and use his money for some cornerback and safety help


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