An identity crisis for a Christian college

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 21, 2010 - 10:09 AM

The debate: Has Northwestern College in Roseville strayed from its traditional roots?

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rock777Jan. 20, 10 8:41 PM

Are these fundies real Christian or frauds in the Pat Robertson mold? These poor conservative are "victims"? Give me a breat....they are not happy unless they control everything! The president should not resign!

huskerpowerJan. 20, 10 8:53 PM

As an alum of NWC I can't figure out why the Jenkins camp can't accept an apology and move on? The President has apologized for his mistakes and asked for those that he has hurt to forgive him. If those people or people such as Mr. Jenkins can't move forward then I feel bad for them. The fact that this article has been written is proof that more than anything the film maker Jenkins is working on his next movie.

peanutmanJan. 20, 10 8:59 PM

to go after next? A typical fundamentalist tactic....reading into and interpreting things the way they would like them to be.

iBelieveJan. 20, 10 9:04 PM

You obviously didn't get your information from the article, which never mentions fundamentalists. Keep your prejudice to yourself. Talk about someone reading into and interpreting things the way they would like them to be. You are pretty good at that.

StribGazetteJan. 20, 10 9:05 PM

This pattern of disagreement where one side will NOT let go even if the other is concilatory or even proven rightis very familiar--perhaps more so to me as a resident of Duluth where I have seen it in church and community. Is there some kind of theory about conflict that explains this?

ethansorenJan. 20, 10 9:06 PM

These people are no different than the good reverend in that film. Trust me. You'll see.

iBelieveJan. 20, 10 9:10 PM

It is obvious that the Startrib is censoring comments on this story. Wondering why.

loyalrepubJan. 20, 10 9:17 PM

Don't call people whose approach to faith is different from yours cult members who don't follow the Bible, and maybe your comment will stay on the board. Perhaps such intemperate vehemence is at work in the Northwest community as well, which would explain the lack of acceptance of any resolution?

iBelieveJan. 20, 10 9:22 PM

I suggest you look into what is going on in the Emerging church.

iBelieveJan. 20, 10 9:24 PM

This is not about offending and forgiving. The question here is whether Northwestern College is adopting the postmodern theology of the Emerging Church. Many local churches and Christian colleges, such as Bethel, are doing exactly that. The problem is that the Emerging church is a cult that many people don't know anything about. It is trying to take Christians out of a Biblical worldview and replace it with a very unbiblical worldview. If people want to understand what is going on at Northwestern college then find out what's going on with the Emerging church. At my church we were lucky enough to have someone dig into it and explain it to us.


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