Myles Spicer: With no race to run, I can say it: Taxes

  • Article by: MYLES SPICER
  • Updated: January 19, 2010 - 5:04 PM

Many, believing myths, view them as evil. I view them as necessary.

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cailinJan. 18, 10 7:26 PM

I expect the usual foam-at-the-mouth crowd to arrive any minute, but I just want to say, before they get here -- very well done, articulate, intelligent, fact-based, and sensible. Which means, of course, blood in the water any minute now, from the "guvvamin is EEE-vul" folks...

blnesiusJan. 18, 10 7:54 PM

Who gives a big whoop if the doofus who wrote this article is or is not running for office????? Oh wait, I means I can express the minority veiw that the (local, county, state and federal) government deserve a bigger and bigger piece of my paycheck. If "us" don't tell them they need to pull their collective snout out of our paycheck, who will? I don't believe that people who work for the government are fat cats...but most bureauracy's can't help but grow...and they can only do it with our money.

RupertHolmesJan. 18, 10 7:55 PM

More Taxes = More social programs = More Slackers. Our safety net is sufficient.

stfudaJan. 18, 10 7:59 PM

The article only talks about income taxes, we need to look at all taxes paid. An individual pays state and federal income taxes, sales tax, gas tax, phone tax,property taxes, utility taxes, school referendum taxes, license tab fees, social security tax, medicare & medicade tax and that's just the ones I can think of the top of my head. Corporations and small business's are in the same boat. It's not necessarily the percentage we are taxed at but the number of taxes we pay. The fact that part of our population is dedicated to raising taxes or finding new taxes doesn't help. You mention that government isn't bad because they are really just cops and teachers, if that were true we would have plenty of money. Instead we have an abundance of useless boards and councils that don't do anything and make a lot of money while doing it.

reasonable2Jan. 18, 10 9:31 PM
paulpalin12Jan. 18, 10 9:40 PM

Don't tell this to the Tax Payers (NOT!) League of Minnesota.

daiseyduckJan. 18, 1010:05 PM

A slave is a person who does not own his own labor. After tax, successful Americans retain no more of the income they produce than 19th century slaves -- and considerably less than medieval serfs. The maximum that could be extracted from a medieval serf was one-third -- an amount extracted today by the combination of the payroll tax and the bottom rung of the federal income tax. Add in state sales and income taxes, and it is apparent that Americans are not a proud, free people.

quitwhiningJan. 18, 1010:19 PM

You claim that this article only covers federal and state income taxes and not all the "others" such as property, etc. etc. You are wrong. The 10+ per cent mentioned for Minnesota covers almost all of what you described. As you may know, Minnesota income tax rates go from 5 to just under 8 per cent. The number mentioned in the article includes sales, property, etc. You also claim that we have lots of boards and councils that use a lot of money. We may have these but they don't use a lot of money. By far the biggest federal programs are social security, medical care and military. Most of the state spending is on education and medical care. Which of these do you all want to start chopping out??

lordhawhaw1Jan. 18, 1010:59 PM

Apparently according to Mr Spicer if people believe we are overtaxed that equates into those same people believing all taxes are evil. This premise from Mr. Spicer is incorrect. Some taxes are necessary of course and although I am conservative and know many conservatives I have never once heard any of them say all taxes are evil. Also I knew before reading the commentary that Mr Spicer would try to make his point by showing us ignorant citizens that if we compare ourselves to some other countries we are not overtaxed. Unfortunately Mr Spicer decided to use failed socialist European nations to try and make that point. Amusing. The point I would like to make is thst I am paying a taxes enough to make a serf from the middle ages blush. Much of these tax dollars are used for things the government was never intended for not to mention the fraud and waste. Mr Spicer I for one refuse to be a serf.

r1100rsl2Jan. 18, 1011:00 PM

How original! Another Minnesotan who wants higher taxes as long as someone else picks up the tab. Maybe this retired gentleman should rejoin the workforce so he can pay his fair share. Otherwise shut up!


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