Ex-Mpls. librarian leaves $878,000 estate

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 14, 2010 - 10:41 PM

Bob Olson, who lived quietly in in the Seward neighborhood, spread around a substantial estate, including $50,000 gifts to two sets of neighbors.

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isdexJan. 14, 10 8:31 PM

Good for him.

takarlstadJan. 14, 10 8:43 PM

Bob sounds like the neighbor we all wish we had. Perhaps he kept a low profile in life, but he leaves behind a big legacy.

rudybobJan. 14, 10 9:35 PM

Best part is this: "He also willed an unrestricted gift of $100,000 to the city of Minneapolis, something city officials say rarely happens....Olson appreciated city trash and street services." Now that would never happen in St. Paul! We're over taxed and under serviced and nickel and dimed for fantasy services such as "right of way maintenance tax". Having recently emigrated from Minneapolis to St. Paul, I sure do miss the excellent trash service, alley plowing and reasonably prompt snow plowing - all things I have the luxury of paying extra for here in St. Paul. Kudos to Bob for a pure life and a generous afterlife.

mattaudioJan. 15, 1012:00 AM

Healthcrusader et al: Mr. Olson didn't need your approval to live well, and he certainly doesn't need for you to approve of him now that he has left this earth. Moreover, he sure loved the library and the city if he gave back through his estate. Sounds like you could use a relaxed and even-keeled neighbor yourself. Relax a little and be happy for the successes and good deeds of others!

salemhillsJan. 15, 10 4:46 AM

I hope readers of this story out there appreciate Mpls like Mr Olson did. It's a great city that offers and deserves far more than it exacts from its (mostly) fine residents. Thank you, Mr. Olson, for demonstrating the true meaning of community.

markc1Jan. 15, 10 7:07 AM

I know one guy who's a machinist who lives like this, he's worth at least $1 million and rides around on a rusty bike even in the winter (he could easly afford a new cadillac with all cash) and he dresses like he's homeless and would blend in just fine in a soup line, it's funny how some people hoard money like this.

swotz1Jan. 15, 10 7:28 AM

I hope the City finds a way to use that money for something of high value and creates a memorial of sorts to honor this man. We should dedicate something to his generosity so the next generation learns about this story.

rsw71756Jan. 15, 10 7:59 AM

I know an Iowa farmer that owns 3,000 acres of farmland worth $18+ million. He drives a 1988 Chevy pick-up and lives in a $50,000 house.

ccschonsJan. 15, 10 8:13 AM

Please get a sense of irony!

ajc7677Jan. 15, 10 8:21 AM

You never know how or who you will impact during your lifetime.


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