Fear of reprisal tempers suits over budget cuts

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 6, 2010 - 11:18 PM

Many state funding recipients want to challenge Pawlenty's unallotments, but they fear even more cuts. His office denies it.

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StarquestJan. 6, 1010:43 PM

I don't blame the hospitals. You never know where Governor Pinchpenny will strike next! Who will be his next victim of misplaced, misdirected anger? Watch out!! In all seriousness, you simply must stand in awe of the toxic, hellish political environment Timmy has created.

ebrandelJan. 6, 1010:57 PM

Pawlenty isn't running for reelection. The budget is done on a biennial basis. The next budget will be ratified in 2011. Pawlenty won't be governor. One wonders how he will, as a private citizen, unallot even more funds to get back at those who challenged him.

natrefJan. 6, 1010:59 PM

I think you need to pay attention to what the DFL has said and (not) done the last years before such a negative factless statement.

amsennyJan. 6, 1011:10 PM

Every since Pawlenty has been in "charge" of the state, our state has been in a sorry state. Fuzzy math or delayed payments do not balance a budget. He is so unbelievably arrogant to the point of unlikeability, that he will never ever win, a presidential election. His time for the private sector is coming soon and I say good riddance. And I am not a democrat or a republican. I think both parties have done a number on this state and both should be ashamed of themselves.

twnctyguyJan. 6, 1011:11 PM

Sounds like rationing to me...what's next...death squads? Welcome to medical care, Republican-style!

rammerJan. 6, 1011:16 PM

Liberals and leftists...it's time to bone up here. Those of us who have been carrying the financial water of terrible legislation and DFL Santa Clause can't bare the weight any longer. If you are serious about staving off "drastic" cuts, then it's damn time you start putting political pressure on the roughly 1/2 of our population in this country that contributes little to nothing to government in form of taxation. I'm talking about no income tax, no property tax and no FICA tax because the "targeted" tax credits which have been used for years as a way to re-distribute money negates any net inflows from about 50% of our fellow citizens. You want big government? Fine...then start getting EVERYONE to contribute at least something to it, otherwise don't blame those of us carrying this burden to continue to bend over. I'll leave you with this clip: NY City has a population of 8,000,000 people and only FORTY THOUSAND of those citizens contribute appro. 65% of the dollars used to operate the city. Guess what's happening; some of those paying are fleeing the city and if this nonsense continues, more will follow....then what are you left with? California. Time for reasonable people to take back St. Paul and time for the fringe left that has a dominant position in the DFL to just fade away into the political sunset...we can't afford it anymore.

RandonJan. 6, 1011:21 PM

no you dont

useandabuseJan. 6, 1011:23 PM

Republican death squads? governor pinchpenny? I'm not a supporter for Tim, for various reasons, but all you people do is wax ecstatic for the "progressive movement". I want to hear the progressive's solution to massive budget shortfalls if cutting expenses is not an option. Guess what Minnesotans. You taxes WILL be higher soon.

trustme71Jan. 6, 1011:25 PM

Close out-state MN campuses!

dluxxxJan. 6, 1011:31 PM

Uhh... Last time I checked, living within your means included not writing checks you know you can't cash (signing spending bills knowing full well he wouldn't sign the funding bill) or running up your credit (deferring payments and smoke and mirrors accounting shifts). Living within your means does include cutting back, and cuts should be made, but eventually you need revenue. No sir, Pawlenty has a lot to learn about living within his means.


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