'People have a right to know,' Dayton says

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 27, 2009 - 9:39 PM

Gubernatorial candidate acknowledges alcoholic relapse and treatment for depression, but says details are "private."

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minn12Dec. 27, 09 2:06 PM

If a liberal rag like Time called Dayton 'the blunderer', you know he was terrible as a Senator. One of the worst Senators in senate history. He had NO accomplishments of any distinction in the senate, and he was the ONLY senator to close his capitol office and run away when there was an alert for a possible terrorist act in D.C. And BTW, did you notice even in this strib 'list of highlights', NO senate highlights are listed?? Even the strib can't find anything of note to say about this failure's senate stint. Let's hope the people of Minnesota wake up after electing yet another senate embarrassment, Al Franken, and start electing people who WON'T embarrass us ever again.

fwallenDec. 27, 09 2:20 PM

Thinking about this incompetant running for any office in MN. If his last name was Johnson, he'd be homeless. Grades Perpich commissioner D State Auditor F minus US Senator F

jollyrogerDec. 27, 09 2:23 PM

Why are you treating it as if it is? We've known these things about Dayton since before he ran for the senate. Granted, the strib chose to ignore it at the time but everyone knew he was a drunk and had been on psychotropics for years.

pooperheadDec. 27, 09 3:07 PM

and if you want to keep it that way, you're in the wrong line of work. If this private request works, why stop there. Your time article, your cave to terrorism, your bow to Klobuchar, your dig on our neighboring states, and your promise to work for $1 a year should all be requested as private. You wouldn't want to be held accountable like you wanted to do with the National Weather service in Rogers, MN. On second thought, just don't run for gov. it would be to painful for all of us.

BallFourDec. 27, 09 3:22 PM

fwallen, should be depressed: can't spell or punctuate. If you can't spell or punctuate, only other semiliterates will agree with you, no matter how correct you are.

Buster301Dec. 27, 09 3:23 PM

Mark Dayton is not interacting with the DFL. He hasn't been out to picnics, dinners, parades, etc. like the other candidates for Governor. Looks like he's choosing to control his image and will be interacting with the voters only via his television ads. He has chosen to not subject himself to the two year process of meeting with potential delegates and to not subject himself to the rigors of seeking endorsement.

lubug2Dec. 27, 09 3:31 PM

I think there is one helpful thing about these admissions - it reminds people that depression and substance abuse can strike anyone, regardless of their lot in life. However, I wish Senator Dayton would stay away from the governor's race. I agree with him on almost all issues, but he has to understand that even a die-hard supporter like me finds his behavior erratic. The best thing he can do to support the issues he cares about is stay away. Perhaps he would be better off choosing one or two issues he cares most about and using his considerable power to advance them as a private citizen. This governor's race is going to be a bare-knuckle brawl and, if I can't support him due to his erratic behavior in the past, very few others will. Save yourself the trouble, Sen. Dayton!

dpakelleDec. 27, 09 3:32 PM

Good luck with the election mr. senator

smittyjsDec. 27, 09 3:38 PM

All I needed to know happened when he deserted his Senate post because he was to afraid to man up..... incompetent, incoherent, inane.

eigthfireDec. 27, 09 3:59 PM

I can see from these post that the Republicans are in fear of Dayton running and willing to do whatever they can to attack, just like they did to Obama. Republicans... Democrats get to pick, you don't and if we pick Dayton, then be assured you will lose again. I see smittyjs has lots of stones to throw because he is perfect, he is also a right wing fanatic zealot, who is terrified of Dayton. All the right wing can do is throw stones... too bad they all live in glass houses. You the radical right wing ran our economy into the ground and you are fighting evey way you can it's repair. You are useless.


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