Budget cuts pinch snow removal in Minneapolis

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 24, 2009 - 8:09 PM

Some cleanup work may not happen as the city confronts the plowing season with a budget that has been cut, and cut again.

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itsmeddcDec. 24, 09 9:23 PM

Who knows where all that money goes But I know I have payed for snow removal, streets park and alleys better be plow and good to. Cut the Police, Fire, Snow plowing and all the other cuts and our mayor wants to be Governor. Be smart and don't vote for this yo yo!

LoveBugDec. 24, 09 9:36 PM

It's Thursday night as I write this yet my street hasn't been plowed even though it's a snow emergency route. What gives? This is what we get with Gov. "No New Taxes" cutting funding to Minneapolis year after year. I hope my Republican neighbors remember this when they get stuck trying to get out tomorrow.

mplsjimDec. 24, 09 9:59 PM

Headline say 'Pawlenty looking for traction in New Hampshire'. That says it all.

doctor2687Dec. 24, 0910:07 PM

How most other suburbs have no problem with snow removal this year. The difference?; their Mayor is not running for Governor on a "I have no responsibility for budgets if my LGA gets cut" platform. It is truly disgusting!

jbpaperDec. 24, 0910:13 PM

They don't have money for snow removal but they have money to give themselves raises and to keep a $400 a month car allowance.

DrMarkDec. 24, 0910:13 PM

Now you get mad. Pony up to the tax bar and pay more. Now it's your turn, remember, they have NOT reduced our tax level. They are still spending more. Now the question is... on what?

jobjobjobDec. 24, 0910:27 PM

Listen downtown businesses - I tried to shop downtown on Thursday, however none of the parking meters lanes were plowed - it was a disaster - I guess the downtown businesses do not care about this - who would want to shop downtown in that mess. Why don't the downtown shops do something? WE WILL NOT GO DOWNTOWN!!! PLOWS THE STREETS - DOWNTOWN BUSSINESSES DO YOU CARE????

CullenDec. 24, 0910:32 PM

Just ask your city council and Mayor to raise your taxes! Or are you really saying you want people outside of Mpls to pay for Mpls plowing?

sheflandDec. 24, 0910:49 PM

I for one am glad I retired and left the city of Mpls, total out of control on their spending, Give them selves raises, keep their car allowances, cut my city FF pension down, and do a poor job plowing, I could go on and on, their inspectors cruise the city streets checking out peoples property and threaten them with fines and such for things that they do not like, peeling paint and senseless other items, like I said in another post, RT stay away from Walker Mn. no way will you win the head job in Minnesota People of Mpls wake up, run them out at election time!

panhead1949Dec. 24, 0911:05 PM

Mayor Rybak's '09 budget had $500,000 for snow removal from bike trails, yet snow removal for streets cut. LOL Jokes on you. If Rybak does not get elected governor, heaven forbid that ever happening, your stuck with him for 4 more years. The liberal citizens of Minneapolis just reelected him!


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