D-Day for Maturi on Brewster's fate

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 17, 2009 - 11:18 PM

Should the Gophers football coach be fired or given a contract extension?

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blasphemerDec. 17, 0910:47 PM

The firing of Brewster is certain. The question is...when? I think the sooner the better. I agree with everything that Souhan had to say. Do what Notre Dame did. Cut your losses now and try to hire one of the more dynamic coaches from a lesser school or conference. Maybe there is one who might be interested in the Big Ten.

COJOMAYDec. 17, 0910:57 PM

...lose now as long as Brewster is coach or lose for a couple of seasons with a new coach while he gets his feet on the ground. Sounds like a "lose-lose" situation to me. But what else is new?

outstate50Dec. 17, 0911:03 PM

Instead of throwing out another "Complain about Brewster Here" headline. There is no reason Maturi has to make a decision on a contract today or next week. Just Souhan starting something again.

Vikes2006Dec. 17, 0911:18 PM

That is if you want to win. The guy turned around both Ole Miss and Auburn football programs, turning in a perfect season with the Tigers. Tubs is a great recruiter and would be a perfect fit at Minnesota, a former SEC coach who knows where to go to get great recruits and can coach. It makes too much sense for the Gophers though...

radiant1Dec. 17, 0911:33 PM

According to Rivals, Brew has 25 verbal commitments for this year's class, and only 4 of the 25 are coming from two-year schools. That is a very small number compared to other schools. People around the program (that obviously doesn't include Souhan) know that all of the Gopher talent lies with the underclassmen, with promising young talent like Rashede Hageman, Matt Garin, Sam Maresh, Ken Watkins, Michael Carter, Keanon Cooper, Spencer Reaves, DL Wilhite, Gary Tinsley, Kendall Gregory McGee...and that's just on the defensive side of the ball! Brewster just needs time for his own players to mature and become juniors and seniors.

blackhammerDec. 17, 0911:38 PM

Shooting fish in a barrel Souhan,pick on the U it's you're easiest target.Give Brewster four years and let's see.He recruited three maybe four juco's so what?If there good players what's the problem?

DuaneHDec. 17, 0911:40 PM

It is obvious Souhan knows very little about college football and his disinterest shows. In addition to the genaral lack of substance in this 'column', there are inacuracies. This current recruiting year is Brewster's THIRD full recruiting year. The class so far is very solid with talent throughout--and Brewster still has some scholarships to give out. Additionally, Brewster has recruited much better that Mason. Give the talent a chance to grow--they are currently only redshirt freshman and true sophmores. Gray is in his FIRST year on campus. There are several other underclassman that have high ceilings. Brewster needs time to coach these kids into their Junior and Senior years. So far this year he has signed TWO JC recruits--big whup! No matter what the always negative Souhan is with regard to Gopher Football, his opinion does not matter one iota! Only Maturi's counts. Maturi should and will offer Brewster a two year extension. In two years the jury will be out. Currently it is far too early to judge the results of Brewster's recruiting. Brewster has proven time and time again that his is a good recruiter. You don't fire a good recruiter when he has only had two full classes, unless there have been major NCAA sanctions. There are none. Brewster is a gentleman, runs a class program and has brought passion back to campus for Gopher Football.

StarquestDec. 17, 0911:46 PM

It's called a homophone. Look it up.

DuaneHDec. 17, 0911:48 PM

Brewster has a ton of talent coming in. Will make the corrections necessary to succeed. Maturi will extend Brewster's contract and I predict that Gopher fans will be satisfied with the direction of Gopher Football in 2010 and beyond. Souhan is hanging on to his job by a thread. The really good columnists have left the paper and business at the Trib is way down. The quality of the sports section is the worst in the 30 years I have read by a large margin. It is obvious that the budget has been slashed. I would be surprised to see Souhan outlast Brewster.

extrapolateDec. 18, 0912:24 AM

This years class is like 3 junior college guys out of 25 commits, hardly rare in college football. Gray has been on campus during 1 football season, not for 2 years.


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