Jon Tevlin: Prosecutor in Petters case is a 'pint-sized Elliot Ness'

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 8, 2009 - 9:16 PM
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stanbobDec. 8, 09 9:31 PM

Wow, I am starting to hate the prosecuter in this.

yeswecan2Dec. 8, 09 9:48 PM

Something fishy about Reynolds and the FBI - grounds for appeal

jwhitey1972Dec. 8, 0910:02 PM

I will make everyone who reads this a small bet. I bet, this guy has his own criminal defense firm within a year. He landed the case of a life time and he will parlay that into a big criminal defense career. Hey-I have no problem with that. I applaud that-that is being an entrepenuer without actually taking a chance. NICELY DONE SIR!! You caught the great case (which was a lay up) and closed the deal. Good luck to you!

angelcarverDec. 8, 0910:04 PM

Mr. Petters didn't do it knowingly.

brokenglassDec. 8, 0910:18 PM

for someone like Tevlin to ridicule the appearance of anyone. Just look at that photo of Tevlin.

therange999Dec. 8, 0910:19 PM

Why would you hate the prosecutor? You on Petters illegal payroll as well??? Face it, EVIL man now lives in jail.. This is a win-win.. I couldn't like the prosecution anymore than I do.. I will toast in his honor.. Sleep tight Petters.. "real" tight

rhowcowDec. 8, 0910:37 PM

Image that, a public servant that get's up a 3am to do the public's work. Too often govt workers get the reputation of being lazy clock punchers. I know that some govt workers go the extra mile and work 60-70 hours a week for meager pay compared to the private sector. Joe Dixon, I salute you!

brokenglassDec. 8, 0911:33 PM

Congrats, ranger, you synthesized a fantasy, a series of lies, compounded one upon the other, as to what I understood about Tevlin's column, and compounding and conflating from that baseless attacks upon my character. Such a shameless attack and abuse of reality must have come from someone who himself is of a very low character, such as a Tom Petters. Tevlin's "pint-sized Elliot Ness" quote, attributed to no one, is patronizing, gratuitous, insulting, small-minded, back-handed, dumb, and cheap. It really spoiled a very good column.

therange999Dec. 8, 0911:42 PM

I agree with you, in regards to your opinion of Tevlin's comments. I don't agree with your "fight fire with fire" mentality. You called the author's take (patronizing, gratuitous, insulting, small-minded, back-handed, dumb, and cheap. It really spoiled a very good column.).. Well - you used the same reference in your original comment by pointing out the picture of Tevlin. How is that different than the author using it?

brokenglassDec. 9, 0912:07 AM

I wrote it to point out that Tevlin lives in a metaphorical glass house, and thought it apt to illustrate the point. Tevlin's unprovoked swipes at Dixon's physical stature are gratuitous and unprofessional. Tevlin diminishes himself by writing about Dixon's height. The 'pint-sized' insult does nothing to advance the story. It just makes Tevlin look like a boor. By now Tevlin must have developed a thick skin from people flinging it back at him.


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